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Slowed the movement of the Earth's rotation around the sun

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We discovered that the Earth and the speed of rotation is slowing down at a rate of almost 62.4 seconds in the century, in the sense that the earth was the fastest in the past, although it simple rate, but the ground speed is linked to the important things which is the length of day and night and the tides and wind speed and many other factors influencing strongly the existence of life on earth and all these factors if they were different from now make life inappropriate but at a certain point be impossible and this is also sure to measure the rate of slowing down the speed of the earth that life on earth short. The speed of the earth around itself and is almost 1670 kilometers per hour, or about 1040 miles per hour, but it is slowing down (this is its speed around the sun which is 108,000 km per hour) The reason for this several factors, most notably a nutshell is that the mutual attraction between the moon and the earth and root tide phenomenon occurs but because of the earth's rotation around the same direction the tide is not perpendicular to the moon, but his small slant angle This makes it extra strength there Angular momentum have an impact The first is that they make the moon a little accelerating speed or escape wheel standing, and spreading out its orbit and this size and already I have spoken previously that the moon spreading out at a rate of 3.8 cm per year The second effect is the resistance to the speed of rotation of the Earth, such as braking and make it slow down. Because of the Earth slowing simple this prolongs the day by a not feel every year, but in time with modern equipment size and when it is moving and gathering time equivalent to 1 second difference in time scale forced to enter a second at the end of June 30 July 1 or at the end of December 31, before before the beginning of January 1, depending on the amount of time but that does not hear him constantly because he is influential in our daily lives. Bdooua realize this in the year 1972 In this year after they added a second on 30 June and then on December 31 in the same year in order to adjust adequately time scales Earth spins in a vacuum or influenced by the attractiveness of the sun are also affected by the rotation of the moon around And the earth's crust in the ground outside, but inside this molten metals and minerals between them and the crust friction during the rotation. And also because of tidal water and the root cause impact on the movement of the earth and called Pfermlh Tidal brake This also affects the speed of the earth The third factor is the sun to heat the air that climbs to the top and come down to his place of cold air, causing the movement of wind and wind moved this despite the weak impact but also cause resistance to ground and causes also Chorales The important point here If the earth was slow in the past they were the fastest in the rotation around itself in the recent past and the fastest in the distant past. We noticed from measurements that often in the past, any slowdown faster rate each year added a second and now every year and a half and added a second but'll let this thing as I said later. Some wonder why we do not feel it does not change our watches and computer is affected? Problematic in that we do not feel it because the second definition is a unit of day any 1 \ 86400 (1 \ 24 * 60 * 60) This measure of Atomic second. If the ground speed I said a very simple thing by less than 2 thousand of a second a day or more and a few long year by seconds or less this makes long day with something very simple we do not feel it, but the second measure, although he changed UT1 and UTC but still steady he is still 1 \ 86400 from the day a little too long. Without the complexities of what concerns us most in this matter stretching in our barometer does not change, but a change in the scientific standards. Today 86400 second year and nearly 31.5576 million at a rate of 25 seconds and a second in 40 years no less than 62.4 per century, or the sense of 0.624 seconds in size this year and wait more .............

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