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Sinusitis and different methods of treatment

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Facts about the sinuses: Do you hit once a cold or allergies and has been inherent to you? Unfortunately there is a big chance for injury inflammation of the sinuses Experts estimate the number of patients with the disease by about 37 million patients every year, including that the symptoms of inflammation sinus bacterial similar to the symptoms of colds or allergies often so many of those infected do not resort to the physician or screening and diagnosis specific and treatment with antibiotics vital. What is sinusitis? Is a disease of the nasal sinus bacteria always occurs through the cold and allergies, environmental pollution episodes, unlike the cold spells and allergies, the nasal bacterial sinusitis requires a doctor's diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics for the treatment of inflammation and prevent any future complications. The diagnosis of acute sinus inflammation is usually physical examination and discussion of symptoms and the doctor asked to work ray pockets or get a sample of nasal secretions to identify the quality of the bacteria or cause inflammation. When acute sinusitis become chronic? When you have inflammation of pockets recurring or if inflammation three months or more continued may become chronic, and symptoms of chronic sinusitis may be less severe for severe acute respiratory .. and leave the chronic sinusitis untreated can damage the sinuses and cheekbones requires sometimes surgery calendar. Treatment of sinusitis: .. Bacterial infection should include appropriate antibiotics in addition to antibiotics and the use of nasal sprays or drops anti-congestion of diluted .. and if you do not want lengthening the duration of treatment you can use saline nasal spray or solution and this relaxes your pockets inflamed sinuses. Antibiotic resistance: It means that some of the bacteria that cause inflammation has immunity against the effects of certain antibiotics prescribed by a physician, that antibiotic resistance makes regular infections such as sinusitis resist and challenge the treatment .. You can help prevent the emergence of bacteria resistant to antibiotics Btaatnol medicines as instructed by your doctor and even if faded symptoms before you run out of medicines. Chronic sinusitis: If the doctor told me that you have a chronic inflammation Jibia the intensive antibiotic treatment .. be as prescribed by your doctor. Sinus surgery .. surgery taken into account when medical treatment fails or there is a blockage of nasal drugs can not be repaired, and this surgery are under the lip. Upper eyelid and left after the nose or skull or within the same nose It is recommended surgery pockets through the telescope for certain types of patients with sinusitis, and through the endoscope surgeon can be seen directly in the nose at the same time remove diseased tissue and tumors mucosa and expand the channels between the sinuses. The decision to use general anesthesia or in part, is between the patient and the doctor depending on the personal circumstances of the patient. Before the surgery should make sure that you have realistic expectations for the results of healing and care after surgery .. that good results require not only good surgical means but concerted efforts between the patient and the means to follow the doctor's instructions before and after the operation. (Prevention is better than cure) to prevent sinusitis and to avoid the development of sinusitis during a cold or allergies bouts you .. To maintain your pockets clean nasal including the following: - The use of antibiotics for oral decongestant or use nasal sprays for a short time. - Clean your nose gently so as to fill one of the other nostril during cleaning. - Eat plenty of fluids to remain mild nasal secretion. - Avoid air travel and if that is not possible Boukhakha So it was used nasally anti-congestion before take-off to prevent blockage in the sinuses and allow the discharge of mucus. - If you are allergic to avoid contact with things that increase them and if you can not use antihistamine drugs or description of nasal sprays to control the allergy attacks. When you go to the doctor? Because the symptoms of sinusitis sometimes similar bouts of colds and allergies and may not hear and be guided notes should see a doctor if symptoms persist more than a week even with the use of treatment .. The word about sinusitis in children: The case of sinusitis may remain until the age of twenty .. The remains of the child suffering from a sinus infection .. Although the maxillary sinus inflammation (behind the cheek) and bone ethmoid (between the eyes) may begin at birth .. Van sinusitis is difficult to diagnose in children because infections and more frequent respiratory symptoms may be accurate, as opposed to the cold spells or allergies .. and bacterial sinusitis requires a doctor's diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics to prevent future complications. The following symptoms may indicate inflammation of the nasal pocket with your child: - Bout remain cold for more than 10-14 days and sometimes a mild fever. - Runny or thick mucus or yellow or green from the nose. - Liquidity nasal and sometimes lead to a sore throat, cough, foul-smelling breath, nausea and vomiting. - Headache, usually not be before the age of 6 years. - Tension or stress and fatigue. - Swelling around the eyes. If these symptoms persist despite appropriate medical treatment .. it must know the main reason to continue it may be due to allergies and upper respiratory infections. Natural recipes for the treatment of sinusitis Do you feel any fear when the arrival of a new season because it always leads to the attack of sinusitis? And feel uncomfortable because your nose Chen attack on your body and there are millions of individuals who suffer from sinusitis Pot Nitti: Looks like a jug small tea can be purchased from pharmacies easily and put a little of distilled water at room temperature with a small hanging of salt and tilting the head on the side of the wash basin and put faucet pot on the slot nose This works to moisturize the sinuses and get rid of infections . And you can add some of the following items to the solution you put in the pot like He added a few drops of iodine. Anti-microbial solution. Sea salt. Oxygen water. Oregano oil. There is an alternative to a bowl and my intention is the work of yoga exercises and you can also add a little baking soda to deviate from the bite of salt Bukhari: If you suffer from sinus infections it is a sharp Valboukhar great way Believe me feel comfortable as soon as steam inhalation. And you can do this by filling a bowl with hot water and cover your head and neck well and do Bshahyq and exhalation vapor thereby acting on the non-obstruction of the nose. And you can be subjected to steam for 5-8 minutes taking care not to increase the exposure time so as not to hurt your nose has exacerbated the situation. Then after the completion then lie down for 10 minutes. And to take advantage of the steam you can Adtvh some elements to the water: essential oils kind of soothes. Sea salt. Tea tree oil. Minced onions. Thyme oil. Garlic. Tea: It is used for many centuries in the treatment of sinus infections Vahaa black or herbal works to hydrate the sinuses and throat and you can add many of the other components, namely: cloves minced garlic. Thyme sage papers. Ground ginger. Lemon leaves. And remember prefers not to add milk or any dairy products to the tea because this may exacerbate allergies and sinus problems. Acupuncture needle therapy: This simple exercise you can do by your thumb placed at the confluence point eyebrows together and Thbyth for 30 seconds and repeat this about 5-8 times will work to relieve headaches and facial pain. Nasal swabs: You can nose wipe with a cotton swab dipped in a humidified herb are working to alleviate the inflammation of the nose and you can use different oils such as tea tree oil (just a little touch) steam mint. Action hot and cold compresses: The toughest pain caused by inflammation of the nose is the facial pain. And you can be mitigated through processing pot of hot water and a bowl of cold water is not iced towels Portal put a towel in the container cold and hot towel in the container processing and then put each one of them on your head for a minute. Get your vitamins: Vitamin D contain 3 healing properties of sinus infections. So folk adding vitamin D 3 to your diet or supplements to address whether exposure to the sinuses. And preferably also eat vitamin C it strengthens the immune. Compresses onions: Cut the onion and put it in a piece of cloth or gauze and link them on your neck throughout the night it has anti-bacterial properties and fungi and prevents the nose Ansd and expelled nasal mucus. These measures and home remedies will ensure you treat sinus and thereby protect yourself natural and very easy ways. And we hope to achieve their goals of these treatments and help you in the treatment of sinus infections.

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