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Treatment through the cosmic energy or Albranik Healing.Albranik Healing does not replace modern medicine , and does not contradict him , but the way this ancient healing providing help for medicine Alhaddat.brana means in Sanskrit ..taqh _ and Brank Healing mean energy therapy or through Taqh.taatm Balbrank Healing treatment through Tkhaal colors and give it to the patient or Nevsk.trivh imagination :

The wizard imagining prana colorimetric own out of his hand and the spotlight on the affected part of the body, if he wanted, for example, shipping Green prana, imagine, simply light green highlights out of thanking his hand, has to be continuous training to become more experienced in Zlk.hma very briefly about this technology There is a lot of science concepts, principles and techniques have not spoken to them in detail. This overview of colors that I treat them and the importance of color .allon red or red prana: tonic, stimulant

- Heater

- Expanded

- Extended

- Distributed (Rotation improvement)

- Orange Binahalbrana: - launcher, a solvent

- Repellent, editor (pathological Energy)

- Anti-congestion

- Antiseptic

- Torn, sparking and destructive .... And other

3) green prana

- Broken (dead and diseased) cells

- Digestive

- Antiseptic

- Decongestants 4) yellow prana: - link or paste

- Metabolism, and generally have much growth

- Instigator of the nerve effect

- Paving or prefix ... ..

5) blue prana

- Anti-inflammatory

- Discouraging

- Anesthetic and analgesic nice

- Chilled

- A blood coagulant 0.6) prana Abannvsjah.taatmaz force and her other five Albrnat combined properties and are used in the treatment of serious types of diseases 0.7) adventitia electrical energy radiation: its properties each Albrnat a stronger than normal adventitia much energy radiation which has an impact on Tgdedea Members and damaged nerves, as have a strong influence cleansed, very strong influence in the rapid treatment of serious diseases.

Reiki is a part of each and every one of us

Energy therapy is the science and art, human used throughout history to treat a variety of physical and psychological problems, as well as the spiritual aspects, especially in worship and access to the moral and spiritual strength, that was when the people depend on the nature and rich sources.

But where the energy come from? Energy present in the whole universe, in everything small was a great mother, present in the planets and galaxies, located in the mountains, seas and forests, while we drink and eat, in gems and minerals, Mineral and Energy existed since time immemorial, a never-ending but it also turns. We do not see energy but we feel and see the results, which is going through channels or connectors, rights and is a good conductor of energy.

Ricky word Japanese term contains two sections:

Rey, and its meaning: universal.

Ki, and its meaning: life energy.

The word means a whole: the global life energy.

The term is borrowed from physics that the ills that Ricky: control the work of the atoms on the level of the body, the body Fathvz molecules vibrating heavily on top, and so melt energy barriers that lead to disharmony and disease.

Some believe that the Japanese Reiki has ancient roots and practices of the Buddhists in the mountains of Tibet, the Chinese are doing in the course of providing treatment to patients, and those practices have been extinct for centuries, so did Dr. Mikao Yossi discovered a second, which is the first of a book on Reiki in the world, then the Dr. Houjero Hayashi one of his disciples to translate his writings in the second half of the nineteenth century, then moved science "Reiki" to an American Japanese researcher called: Takata Hawayo, and that she was living in Hawaii, so she in turn translate Reiki Sciences and published in the West in the seventies of the last century, In 1981, the foundations of her students Reiki Association, which increases the number of members of more than ten thousand members around the world

The human body contains seven head of energy centers - thanks and collected Hkurat- can imagine these centers in the form of rotating eddies emanating from inside the human body towards the outside, and can be seen every special thanks everlasting according to frequency vibrations, and the word Shakura Sanskrit word launched by veteran scientists on energy centers, These centers also relate to twelve track inside the body and the role of these routes the delivery of energy to every part of the body in the form of seismic patterns

There are three levels of the processor graded


Positions hands

There are five principles that the student Aadém day, every hour and minute, they are the foundations of success, success in everything, absolutely everything. They are: 1 - Just for today do not worry

2 - for the day just to Angill

3 - showed

Respect and appreciation for your parents, your teachers, older and larger experience.

4 - Live your life with honesty and integrity.

5 - admitted beautiful and beholden to everything around you.

There is a positive energy and there is a negative energy, you notice one day not to accept you for the person without that you know because it distributes the negative energy, and vice versa when we love someone does not know because it distributes the positive energy, and there are thieves energy, sitting next to you and after they leave feeling Balanhak.oma for learning is easy too, as it depends on a set of easy exercises and meditations,

Attabgaha energy flow to the hands, Tkhaala, and then to all parts of the body .atkelm mentor or master unto thee, thou eyes closed, and after that puts you in a very laid-back mode, puts the Masters his hand on your shoulder for the second head and hand, and suggesting to you to were seen waterfall water flowing on top of your head and this water-colored Alarozk will remove your brain and your thoughts about all the negative pressure, hatred, hatred and selfishness, you are today a new man,

Let the water waterfall flowing from your head to your shoulders and neck to the chest, inhaling every drop of water and let it permeate into every vein.

Mark your heart pumping blue water to all parts of your body, your belly and Ahacaúk Imitlian water which Igslk and cleanse you, the water flows into the hands and fingers and into your pelvis and your members, to the thighs and knees to the soles of your feet.

Let the falling water from the waterfall flowing from your head out of the soles of your feet, look at yourself from a distance and water flowing to you, pray you clean and new, I will see myself so Daúma.bad this is the explanation for how the flow of energy from the universe to you across the head, hands and feet even Every hole of our body, and how to give it to the other person

Ricky others

Positions hands

The third and final Akhary.almrahlh Tnevsm into two parts: Master heals and cures Alaolh Master and Master of Aalm.almrahlh stage, different from previous Alemrahalh reflections, but I can not reflections listed because he promised us that there is no Nfhih non student Almrahlh.ama this final stage is to train Master to give students the principles of this science and Alphen.fa each stage of the training given to the student laid down the idea of ​​a character or image seen Bmkhilth before starting treatment

All of these exercises are focused on faith and to believe that healing energy existed since time immemorial, created by the Creator of man, and the man exercise Altkhaala, relaxation, meditation, breathing, daily for healing ability Altama.sahih there Reiki Master and many but not all Bmistoa some, and sometimes it can be a beginner stronger than the Masters, this depends on the person's own internal cleanliness Alrouhah.almrahlh second is almost the same thing, hopes and suggestions including: Close your eyes and see yourself from the other room, to see yourself from the top of your house, to see yourself from the sky, to see yourself Outside the globe, to see yourself from the outside of the galaxy, to see yourself from the outside all the galaxies, sent to the world the healing power White its light shining, to each galaxy, to all the planets, to the planet, to all continents, to all the houses, to the area, to your home, here.

After this meditation speak Master Mokda you can now healing from a distance, no You can then heal close to you or a friend living in the continent

The first stage name or symbol Altalms:



The second phase cliques name:

 Sie hie kie




Ri is so


The third stage name Code:

To Ko Myo

To Ko Myo



After the completion of treatment in favor of drawing Raco hand sign or thought to clean the body and soul of the patient's organic energy, psychological or spiritual.

Rocco sign or go peacefully

Reiki has become known, enjoys great respect in Japan, and is in the rules and characteristics of the cover aspects of human life as a whole.


Electric power in the hands


Right hand soles contain positive energy stream and stir booster energy, and the soles of the left hand has a negative energy stream: any sedative and analgesic and cleaned, and so we see that it must Ndlk palms of your hands to get the equivalent in the two currents positive and negative, according to the Chinese expression (Alibny and Alyanj). In this energy equation are Alpollarata process. Appeared right hand has a negative energy, unlike the soles of the right hand, and the back of the left hand has a positive energy as opposed to the soles of the left hand, rear and side of the head has a current negative, and if we put the right on the bottom of the head portion Hand soles, and put the left hand soles on the the front of the head, point the front, move the natural energy in the head, and this particular situation does not need to pressure, just put your hands like any touch, this works on the energy equation in the whole body, and always used in Alpollarata.

If we reversed this situation any we left on the bottom of the head portion soles hand and put the soles of the right hand on the front of the head reduce energy level and feel upset and weaknesses of the year, and here we must remember that if we want the pressure point to stop the pain, you should use the left hand (ie sedative and analgesic) or if we want to send healing energy booster for use by the right hand

 The front of the head is the body or places that Eetmkz the logic, either the back Vimrkz their memories and photos.

So laying on of hands to be different between the person and the other depending on the situation.

But more to facilitate the rotation of the hands balances between Alachtlavi, and also laying on of hands on Jnpin head above Alznin Alhqian help balance the left and right of the brain

Magnetic treatment


The magnet consists of two electrodes north pole and a south pole Flinders properties of each pole separately

Arctic increases Alawksugin Almsamyjzb fluid retention and Algazatikll Alsoaúlisaad on Alnoummiharb Altyiein of absorption Alzhenyidam treatment Albeolojyaquaom Altyikll Alelthabbateadel Alhamadahakhvv and stop Alalmiqll Alaltrspat Aldhnyhikll calcium deposition

South Pole

  Reduces oxygen Almsamyesid of Alastikazisaad does not help the growth of any Khalahesid Alelthabbatethbt work Almaalaghizad of Alhamadahesid sensation of pain increases the deposition of fat

What are the benefits of nuts one very tasty and useful nuts too?

Image result for ‫البندق‬‎

1. rich hazelnut energy and nutrients. Where it's an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids Alahadah- (MUF) acids such as oleic and Albalmtewolak, thereby helping to lower LDL or "bad cholesterol" and increase HDL or "good cholesterol." Studies and research suggests that a diet rich in unsaturated fat has the ability to prevent stroke and coronary artery disease. 2 is a rich source of fatty acids omega-3 important such as acid essential linoleic and linolenic acid, and the acid Docosahexonic the indicated studies and research that Amiga 3 fat is a factor to prevent infections to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, strokes and cancer of the breast, colon and prostate cancer . Omega-3 fatty acids also provide some benefits in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and in cases of schizophrenia, depression and Alzheimer's disease. 3. Nut is the store for health because it contains a poly antioxidant phenolic compounds such as carotenoids, flavonoids, resveratrol, lutein, cryptoxanthin, found that these compounds protect against cancer, heart disease, neurological diseases and Alzheimer's diseases, and viral infections / fungal. 4. Nut is a full source of nutrition in the sense that, in addition to calories, vitamins, they are rich in minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium and fluoride source. Manganese is a cofactor for the enzyme. Potassium is an important element of the elements of the cell and body fluids that regulates heartbeat and blood pressure. Copper is required for the production of red blood cells. And iron is required for the formation of red blood cells. Fluoride is a component of bones and teeth, and plays an important role in the prevention of tooth decay. 5. It contains very good levels of vitamin E, antioxidants and soluble in fat. Vitamin E is required to maintain the integrity of the cell membrane of the mucous membranes and skin. And thus protect them from the roots of harmful cancer free. 6. provides nutrition Nutty many B vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6 and folate. These vitamins are essential for optimal health. Now, a new report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that adults who incorporate nuts in their diets do not have to limit their consumption. A review of 31 study on the intake of nuts and added that people who eat nuts in their diets lost more weight and reduce waist sizes more than half an inch. "Although the size of this study, the results dispel the fear that nut consumption may promote obesity, the researchers wrote, according to Reuters. "Our results support the inclusion of nuts in the diets and health for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. 1. Reduce Stress: Food in several types of nuts, including hazelnuts helps protect the body from the harmful effects on the body. One study has found that a rich hazelnut alpha-linolenic acid, which has the benefit of protective of the heart during times of acute stress that cause stress the heart and blood vessels. Thanks to the high vitamin E, vitamin B and magnesium content can boost the immune system. 2. Heart Health: Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and cashews, walnuts, all play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease. This is because the nuts help reduce LDL cholesterol (LDL cholesterol), and contain monounsaturated fat and saturated health of the heart and unsaturated fats and fiber, which has a protective effect for the heart. Nuts are also rich in arginine, an amino acid that is converted to nitric oxide in the body and helps blood vessels to relax. 3. Protection of lung cancer: A diet rich nutty provides some protection against lung cancer, the researchers explained that the nut is rich in gamma-tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, which is useful for the prevention of cancer. 4. maintain weight: Summary Review of 2013 about the health benefits of the nut, providing a modest improvement in total weight, but found many studies that nuts can play a role in maintaining weight. This is because the nuts are digested slowly in the body, thanks to the presence of high-fiber. 5. cholesterol Intake of nuts a day can reduce the proportion of bad cholesterol in the blood, according to a study conducted in 2010 in the Archives of Internal Medicine found a decline of 7.4% in the bad cholesterol LDL and low of 8.3% in LDL ratio of HDL, and the concentrations of triglycerides fell by more than 10%. 6. prevention of prostate cancer: Nuts contain a high proportion of mineral selenium, which may provide some protection against advanced prostate cancer, according to preliminary research presented at the American Association for Cancer Research. Found that men who have high levels of selenium, were 60% less likely to have advanced prostate cancer in 17 years. 7. brain health: Thanks to health dose of vitamin E, which is food for the brain - helps to prevent cognitive decline that occurs with age. Nut In particular, it may be a good choice because it is high in the ratio of vitamin B and folic acid, which improves neurological health, reduce the risk of cognitive decline. British Journal of Nutrition study found that nuts improves working memory and motor function and solve problems. 8. men's reproductive health: Men who Ataattalon of the founding family, the nut may have an effect on sperm quality ,. A study at the University of California that eating about Hventan of nuts can improve sperm quality, both in terms of dynamic, kinetic, and morphology. Nut uses in cooking: Nuts can be eaten as is or either salted or shop. Sprinkle over desserts, especially ice cream and ice cream. Can be used in confectionery, as well as bread, biscuits, pastries, and cakes.

New information in physiotherapy

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Injection burn strange to burn fat ..las her ..tabieih side effects Jaddaa ..takss weight of 6.7 kg per week ... American ... injection syringe injection Hendeh..alkh Spanish ... etc .... De Introduction to announce a new way of means to deceive patients under the illusion rapid slimming and fat burning, blah, blah and who unfortunately Ptdhar patient Jaddaaa and intervening in countless problems .. Here are some scientific facts installed: 1-D injection is not an American or Spanish is not all this conversation Syringe wrought wrought Er ... I mean, multiplied by any need Mtobeih and written made in .... According Mahoudrtk wants stayed if Aaozha American writing American Aaozha Kowalambureh too? Nketblk. There is no problem, and so my idea ..tava reached .. 2-in-America itself Maarafosh need for an injection de evidence that the Food and Drug Administration FDA Bthdhir of use and Bet'oul that the composition of unknown side effects is very humbling as well as the testimony of US cosmetics Association about them and Ehna publishers Da on Alipidj detail and pictures of me likes to make sure. 3-injection itself if Levitt Pharmacies by all the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab world Mesh Htlaekayaa is when the person who Abieln ..owalsbb it simple, which is that the syringe de nobody knows anything about her identity is not known already and is not approved any health destination in the world is ..ani licensed by the Ministries of Health ..ani Houdrtk Ptstrae Hawa Mtobei in Azazh. 4-injection original price of 15 Egyptian pounds Lama Fa price to the public as a person who wants what it Abieln 50 -200-500-1000 and so, of course, depending on their nationality without understanding -tava Qsidi- Last but not least ..lan means swindling and deception does not and will not end I advise everyone that reads from reliable scientific means and Meachdsh information from the net, and the experiences of others because others often Mapeodoa other countries in the artful and Abiemilolhm health disaster .. My explanation why the topic de ..mreidah have infected liver failure in the final stages and on the threshold of cirrhosis of the liver due to de injection and who, unfortunately, does not need to Akhst the contrary tired Aktar and hit by the disease .. Beware

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Psychological bad habits of the child

نتيجة بحث الصور عن العادات النفسية السيئة للطفل

- Sucking fingers - Nail-biting - Child and theft - New baby and pregnancy - Sucking fingers. - Nail-biting: These usually appear when the child from the age of one to two years and continue with him in old age, which is a reflection of the psychiatric disorder has of tension and anxiety as a result of pressures at home or at school. - The reasons for this situation: 1. frequent prevent child at school or home for loved things like playing. 2. frequent school burden required of it and the urgency to do them in the form of punishment hint if it is not completed. This pressure and translated in the form of tension and anxiety that appears reaction visible myself not to a nail-biting, which reflect aggressive tendencies and fear of parents or teachers ... and be a nail-biting as a way out of his sense of guilt or sin that felt by officials with him if Palace in the performance of something asked him, and then after that it becomes a bad habit in old age for more, no less, where exercised automatically. - Treatment of nail-biting: 1. not to draw the attention of the child. 2. filled fingers child and his attention other useful things, such as playing a musical instrument or painting. 3. give the child more love and compassion and care. - Child and theft: Child some mental habits accepted may behave somewhat socially and others are totally unacceptable, such as theft because the behavior (anomaly), and its direction for this behavior reflects the development of social and physical family style education, and multiple motivations behind it: 1-There is a need to steal a child his family. 2. Last ... steals for his lack of compassion and care. 3-and third ... mistreated his parents. -4 and the fourth ... to disperse the parents in treatment between children. 5. The fifth ... as a result of family disintegration. 6-sixth ... and ill-treatment of the father to his mother. 7-seventh ... and deprivation suffered by the failure to meet its requirements. 8. The latter is beyond the scope of education and method of treatment of the parents "Configuring the child's personality," the theft may be in this case is not due to the need for love, but because of the acquisition of things. Or the environment as a result of abnormal behavior that arises from the parents away from the commitment to the principles and ideals such as drinking alcohol and addiction to drugs or theft. - Treatment of theft: If theft has become a habit in children, it is a disease that should be treated easily summed up in the word "saturation" of physical, emotional and educational because the child should feel safe and secure and the other therapy is a medical treatment by resorting to a psychiatrist. - New baby and pregnancy (jealousy): The interval be between Alhji is the basic criterion in injury Big Brother jealous of his younger brother, and is the appropriate period of one to two years, and more than that leads to increased feelings of jealousy .. It is also easier in the education of the mother. And at least feeling jealous when they arrived to enact school together. Parents may think that a child does not feel the arrival of a new partner, but understand that the modern father and mother and his vision for increasing the size of the mother's abdomen, which translates the following behavior: turn away from the mother and head attachment to the father and the attendant all the time and even slept beside him, as exemplified in the child's anxiety and lack of sleep The rejection of the food. And treatment of jealousy, is to direct attention away from the independent child the other big kid ... so this natural instinctive jealousy does not turn into mental disorders.

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Worm leeches to treat patients in Turkey

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Since 2011 the Turkish Ministry of Health has authorized the so-called alternative medicine centers that rely on natural methods of treatment away from chemical drugs, and among those centers of addresses worm leeches. Tracking leeches -the worms Nadrh- ringed worms that feature split her body to a large number of loops Division, and ranging in length from seven to twenty centimeters long, are found in the sweet stagnant water in ponds and marshes. God has love this worm materials and enzymes secreted by modern medical experiments proved that it helps the healing of many diseases and some are intractable. IRIN visited the center for alternative medicine administered d. Erosan darkening in the Asian part of Istanbul to see how this type of treatment, and its impact on patients and treats diseases. It is intended Center, who heals natural ways including needles Sino many patients, both men and women to treat Bdod leeches, and oversees the provision for such treatment d section. Erosan himself. He says d. Erosan of the island, "the treatment of worm leeches prophetic medicine" citing the Hadith Sharif mosque in the small number 4123 "The best medicine walking and cupping and leeches." He points out that it is prohibited for some patients with this type of medication worms, and women who are patients of chronic anemia and blood of pregnant women during lactation and non-diabetic patients attending treatment for their illness, and medication Balalq prohibited before surgery. As for diseases that are Therapeutics them by leeches include - according to d. Erosan- rheumatism, arthritis and joint pain, migraine disease (migraine) and skin diseases such as psoriasis, and circulatory distress. As well as diseases of the eye, including the treatment of damaged nerves of the eye, the eye caused by diabetes and diseases, as well as for the treatment of hernia without surgery. It also dealt with angina, strokes, chronic ear tinnitus, and blockage of the veins, and blood pressure and tension. Currently used in the worm medicines industry through extraction Alagayn of saliva and material within the pharmaceutical industry proof of a blood clot.... And the method of treatment, worm leeches "hungry" to areas of the human body as the case may be placed Tdawiyeha on the feet or legs or hands, hands or face or neck or any other area in accordance with the treatment of the disease. This worm and stick to the position and spoke lightly wounded, where the bad blood pumping and the secretion of enzymes described d. Erosan as integrated pharmacy where antibiotics. And have to catch a worm leeches tongs to put it in the exact location and duration of survival on the skin between half an hour and an hour to complete the bad blood suction and secretion of enzymes prior to their return to their environment inside the sweet water. Recent clinical trials have shown that this worm secretes enzymes that inhibit blood clotting and other analgesic for pain and three anti-depressants and bacteria and oxidation, which occurs in the patient comfort. According d. Erosan treatment time varies according to the situation, ranging from five sessions and 15 sessions, and possibly more, stressing that the success rate of treatment in this way amounted to 95%, as this treatment has become licensed in many European countries, Canada and the United States. For his part, proof -oho diabetic treated at the center Taba- of the island, said that diabetes affected his eyesight and his feet even hit blisters and wounds did not benefit from any previous treatment, but now he is improving well according to what he said after nine leeches to Dodd sessions and feel great satisfaction. He also advised proof of patients using this type of treatment is the lack of side effects, according to the saying. The Unal Mola O'Leary, who suffered a stroke and seek treatment, including using leeches Chinese and needles, he said that improved dramatically. He added to the island, "God created these creatures to heal humans and God created the Public."

Bee venom to treat rheumatism, arthritis and nerve . Abobakercare.

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Secreted bee venom special device found in the final episode of the entry of the bee's abdomen. Queen of the device called the needle to sting but do not sting unless another queen. Device consists of toxic bee venom Gdtan bag and a needle to sting. Glands secrete a liquid alkaline and other secrete acidic liquid, and relate to by a private channel, a small bag with a bag called poison. The needle is a stinging machine consists of sheath ends Pklalib paint brushes, and when stinging needle stuck remaining place stinging by Alclalab. Bee venom is a colorless liquid color tastes bitter and intense acidity, with varying effects on people Almlessoaan Some of them affected him a little bit. So shaped place stinging edema simple and some of them happen with him phenomena severe allergy, accompanied by swelling and cramps with edema of the lungs and difficulty in breathing and hemolysis and red cells and may occur shock allergic, and in rare cases to capacity bee one may lead to serious complications may reach death. Note that the number of repeat sting of bees for the same person, and at intervals usually lead to immunity when this person Examples include beekeepers become of little or vulnerability of unscrupulous get bee venom. Mm consists of bee venom? Bee venom consists of hydrochloric acid and acetic acid and phosphorus acid and histamine and Alabamin and Almitonin and boys and cysteine ​​Bee venom is acidic reaction due to the large number of acids in combination. Diseases addressed by the bee venom Using bee venom to treat some diseases Bee venom found in pharmacies injection body and either there directly by the bite Bee directly and diseases are rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, gout, arthritis and inflammation of the nerves, including inflammation of the sciatic nerve and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, malaria and conjunctivitis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, such as fluid retention in the body. Block the alarm that the name of the bees, either through direct stinging or by injection of bee venom therapy is not only by a specialist in this type of treatment, and the first to discover the treatment name bees Austrian doctor fever rheumatism and during the exposure to sting several bees cured the impact of illness drew view this phenomenon began to address his patients bee sting has said he treated 173 patients with rheumatism bee sting Vhvoa all. Said Dr. Mohammed Ali Almnini in his book entitled "Honeybees in the Qur'an and Sunnah" that a student was being studied bees for a master's degree and was infected with psoriasis six years ago, without succeed in treatment all remedies available and after he began his studies in the science of apiaries exposure a bee sting Vtmathl to heal quickly. And bee venom blocker for blood clotting effect as it induces the body to secrete the hormone cortisone is the most effective anti-inflammatory Alsteroidah. Therefore useful in the treatment of arthritis and increases immunity against diseases objects. How mechanical bee sting Bee placed on the patient's body in the right place, who knows specialist stinging and incite Bee even bites, and the way in treatment bee sting is to start sting bees and one on the first day, then Bulsotain to Nhlten on the second day and then three bites on the third day and so on until the number of stings up to ten stings on the tenth day and then finished the first treatment period of five and fifty of capacity and after a break for 5-7 days repeats bee sting at a rate of 3 stings every day for a period of 50 days, an average of 150 to capacity. If sought Bee ordinary man it a place to capacity rash red swellings color is formed, then these swellings surrounded by a white spot larger ones, but if the Almlessoa nerve poison bees the stinging area is very swollen and suffers Almlessoa of troublesome difficulties and if it is too sensitive it gets has complications troublesome The serious ones serious swellings on his body (body swells each) and decreased blood pressure, and headache-free, vomiting and accelerating pulse and suffers from difficulty in breathing, leading to death sometimes. If the expanded five bees sound galore health people, they do not affect it, except there has been some inconvenience was stinging either if the capacity of 250 bee it suffers from shortness of breath and convulsions and rapid pulse and blueness and be in need of immediate ambulance, but if the capacity of about 400 Bee, for example, it usually dies . What bee sting therapy? 1. When the bee sting people, they leave Abernha under the skin and it does not need to be removed by forceps and it must be done as quickly as possible and quietly so as not to leak more poison to Almlessoa body. 2. Rub the sting onion or garlic juice or vinegar. 3. permanently refrain from rubbing stinging place. 4. If Almlessoa The extreme sensitivity direction of bee venom should be immediately transferred to a private hospital if he had been a precedent for capacity and showed extreme sensitivity at the time.

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What is physical therapy? Abobakercare

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Is the medical profession and one of the important branches of medicine provides services to individuals in order to develop and maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability at all stages of life. This includes providing services in circumstances where movement is threatened due to aging, or injury Oalomrad or environmental factors. Interested in physical therapy to identify and improve the quality of life and the possibility of movement within the areas of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and rehabilitation. Involves physical therapy on the interaction between the physios, patients, and other health and families professionals and caregivers and communities in the process where they are evaluating the possibility of movement and agreed goals, using the unique knowledge and skills for physiotherapy and exercise physiotherapy doctor physiotherapy specialist. Doctor of Physical Therapy individual history and physical examination is used to gain access to diagnosis and the development of a management plan and, if necessary, integrate the results of laboratory studies and photography. It can also use electrical test (such as electrical layout of the muscles and nerve conduction velocity test). Natural and treatment of many disciplines, including medicine hearts, medicine elderly medicine neurology, orthopedics and pediatrics. The physical therapy is a medical specialty that he knew early diagnosis and treatment of disability and disease by natural means and there definition of the modern adaptation of Dr.: Thelma Holmes, Associate Professor in the curriculum for physiotherapy University of Florida Physical therapy is the art and science contribute to the development of health and prevent disease by understanding the movement of the body and is working to correct and mitigate the effects of illness and injury, and include methods to the evaluation and treatment of patients and the management and supervision of treatment services Tabaiei and staff and consultation with other health systems and the preparation of records and reports and to participate in the planning of community projects and plans and future evaluation of educational programs.... Physiotherapist What is physical therapy? What is physical therapy? Works Doctors physiotherapy in many places, such as outpatient clinics or offices, and rehabilitation facilities for inpatient and facilities extended care and private homes, education, and research centers, schools, nursing homes, and industrial workplaces or other professional environments ,. To physiotherapist offers full service and care for patients of sound scientific, it must be done on the basis of the strong level of understanding with the doctors and A_khasaúioa work and social service treatment. And from another perspective, we can say simply that physical therapy is a safe way God marshalled Come to doctors because they use them every Tabieihalta means God marshalled Come to serve the patient to help restore the natural functions without the use of any medication may harm the health condition because any medication whatsoever it has side effects are undesirable impact on other functions in the body Alonchan negatively and lead to complications. But the mistake a lot of people and believe that physical therapy and massage exercises words only, and these are only a small part inside knowledge of physical therapy. And this is not quite true And educational qualifications vary greatly depending on the country. Education in the range of some of the countries that have little formal education for others require a master's or doctoral degrees. The increasing need for physical therapy in various Majalaat health steadily much more than what can be supplied from qualified personnel in this area and many of the factors we mention some of the following: 1 - rapid advances in medical knowledge in the application of physical therapy in the prevention and treatment of the growing and diverse cases 2. increase the knowledge of the problems of chronic diseases and disabilities, physical and mental, which resulted in a quick stretch in health care programs that include the rehabilitation for all age groups 3 - Development of physical therapy programs at the local and international level in the health departments as a result of modernization of health care systems worldwide 4 - increasing knowledge and understanding of the chronic care patients require specific and specialized ways to take into account the psychological, social, educational and professional aspects of the medical condition 5 - Increase educational programs and to request advisory and educational services to the needs of the specialist treatment 6 - Integrated patient awareness that there is an alternative medical drugs within the composition of chemicals which cause the effects of unwanted side exactly as it affects the functions of other organs, now we see the direction of the whole world to the use of natural means of treatment before going into any operations surgery or even the use of any medication Kamiaúa Amaalalaj natural part integrated with health and medical care program, which plays a vital role in maintaining the individual and the community's health and contributes A_khasaúioa physiotherapy through professional activities to prevent and evaluate disability and severe disability and public health leads A_khasaúioa physiotherapy duties include the planning, organizing, evaluating and coordinating and clarifying the application of physical therapy programs to counsel workers to occupations and other organizations to contribute to the development of the social concept of health studies and to do these studies in order to society ......

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herbal prescriptions for Dr. Adel Abdel Aal herbal treatment for Dr. Adel Abdel Aal

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Food nourishes the brain All kinds of nuts to help focus and development of intelligence Mlaakhaan crunched sentences + Mlaakhahbub vaccine + Mlaakh honey and take once a day before bedtime cup milk + honey and this recipe is good for children and Atefalannav nuts because the material Alsertulin Contact Person for the Alhalhalm'zajih And Sfahalzca 3 Habayat walnuts +50 grams grams cinnamon raisin +10 +10 grams Zhinsnj +3 gram Royal jelly and sweetened with honey and takes Baadalacl for children Alnhafe and before eating to Atefalasaman for 21 days To Tqoahalmakrh 50 Gramzenjbal +50 grams Ban Decker +50 grams Habhalbarakh and sweetened with honey and drink 3 times in 21 days Aleommadh To raise IQ Thanih candy and Altmarwaldhirhelsafra boiling and local sugar or salt Alhmassahamy wetlands and coffee, a nutritious Jaddajadda Body Manalsmom cleaning Tablespoon vinegar + salt + loan + lemon + Hannah + Maaoda on the soles of the foot on the back of the head and the navel of the night until the morning for 21 days Or grinded coal + salt and put him in the navel to the morning so as to pull the gas from the abdomen Lack of hemoglobin Red grapes + beet + Pomegranate + strawberry Aasroicherb Baadalacl quail and before eating to Nhafe Prevents eat any dairy product with a product Bhhaddedlan calcium prevents the absorption of iron such as Asalath white Maaljbna To raise immune Vyalgesm Back fat Bziziton memorizing the sun in the morning (ie make the afternoon sun hand When the Apostle found peace be upon him Alybn Abe student sitting in the sun told him Allah bless him and Aaaly Astdberha Atstqublha van in Astdberha drug Vyastqublha ratified the Messenger of Allah disease Anmea immune to any increase immune And increase red blood cells and Tencitaltahal Safflower + candy Balasfr boiling water and sweetened with sugar plant Black Auasl we Ptdhuiba in Medavy and drink 3 times To stop the bleeding Alldorhachehrih Siwak (Nbatalarc) boiled and drank one hundred 3 Mratyumia and sweetened with honey Kanasahbayat used at work Umrah to stop the cycle For diuresis and Gsilalkly Coriander Alkhaddrangly and shown honey Aumgly green beans Or boil the chaos of maize (corn filaments) drinks from 3: 5 times a day To Tnzelalskr Bdhiralpersem Ihamsoagly and drink every day or lupine crunched Food program for diabetics Before breakfast, half an hour 3 papers taken from the leaves (strawberry Oaltot) and placed in a cup of boiling water In addition to the 2 apple sliced B \ dish shredded carrots + bean dish + tomatoes and dill Taken between meals lupine dish laced with lemon and cumin With 2 love Guava Half an hour before lunch Taken three papers taken from the leaves (strawberry Oaltot) and placed in a cup of boiling water + Love Rashad +2 love Jua + cup water +3 papers cabbage Lunch \ Bowl of shredded carrots with green tomato and pepper and dill and one teaspoon vinegar Then brown rice dish taken by cup Before dinner, half an hour 3 papers taken from the leaves (strawberry Oaltot) and placed in a cup of boiling water In addition to the 2 apple sliced Dinner \ Bowl of grated carrots + Homs Sham large bowl + dish boiled broccoli ((In the sense of hunger eaten lettuce or thermos)) To catch Batnmn massage at the navel 3 times a day And took a spoonful of olive oil Alyalriv For Gdhaldrgih Almtabhntejh strain Compresses of linseed + vinegar + Mlhoork cabbage compresses it works To clean arteries and increase blood thinners and blood Tencitalldorh Drink boiled ginger To strengthen the texture of the skin and eliminate bacteria and protection of itching and scratching Pomegranate peel, crushed + Khalaltfah licked its skin The toughest Jerohawwalhassasah and psoriasis To catch up with the cactus + honey bees and Atercsaah then wipe olive oil and corn oil The capacity Guendelsear Wipe position scrimp For depression Drink Altello - olive oil Eating almonds For insomnia Nadim plant boiled and drank Fanalansan slept like a baby For severe cough Drenched Ban Aldkreczlyalsdroaltello 3 bitter day To activate the nerves Massage spine from beginning to etc.

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Get rid of the rumen final recipes slimming powerful recipe to flatten the body of Dr. Abdel Basset Mohamed Sayed

نتيجة بحث الصور عن التخلص من الكرش نهائيا و

Recipes to flatten the body and to get rid of the rumen Exercises body lift helps largely on strengthening the muscles in the area where accumulate fat, which helps the body to get rid of the fat and get rid of the fat we need to lose energy and reduce the amount of food throughout the day, along with increased traffic by walking, running, this helps to get rid quickly Jaddaa fat in the abdomen and in places other body As for Atralat skin, if it is a short period has Tsttiein disposal by focusing on food that helps to regenerate skin cells, such as special fish, and dairy protein, salads, fruit juice and interest in the work Recipes body lift Method of slimming and weight loss abdominal Chinese Tea Chinese green tea spoon fresh, spoon fresh ginger, mint and pomegranate peel hydrated boil and drink it over the cup without sugar after a meal three times Yumiaouhdh see who Qailth to A..otcol I noticed the difference in 10 days .. To remove the rumen in less than a month -mlakh Of rosemary -mlakh Of chamomile -mlakh Of Azaatermlakh big one of each type and a big glass of water by Tsepém Aglua Xue on fire and if Ayza Tadhavin teaspoon sugar preferable only ....... If Hasiti that tastes bitter Reduce quantity Shui means instead of spoon a tablespoon center .... Chrbhe and on an empty stomach and the stomach-free in the evening and only if Cherbtah and Khalsta quarter of an hour after you eat normal and the most important thing Commit to drink these herbs Mo you drink two to say Yeoh lost their salvation ... do not want to stick to the result and Chauvet strange Recipe WEIGHT abdomen and body lift Hzhosfah to relieve abdominal size or rumen bring peel dried pomegranate we Btahnh Nkhalth with honey until it becomes a cohesive dough shape, the grain of the pendulum and then we put it in the run laser used in the morning on Waller Ik during the three Th last days of the menstrual cycle is also used during the last twenty days of puerperal It is also useful for prepared and you clean the uterus Recipe remove rumen tummy tucks First, its goals + Chamomile + rosemary (all indoctrinated at Attar) In a small jug of water boil a teaspoon of each of the above, then drain and set in the refrigerator tea Drink of this drink three cups. One on an empty stomach Balsubh .. one era .. one night before going to sleep and please, not sugar Ashan Allantyj sweet taste sweet on the idea of ​​self and acceptance * Note * Of course Kaisi your waist before you start what ..ogalba claimed decreases first week at least 3 cm and the idea see Brew This helps to fill the appetite violin WEIGHT way abdomen drink lemon Eating tablespoon white vinegar or juice of lemon on an empty stomach for slimming the abdomen Soak two tablespoons average size of green tea and black Awahaa (mean normal Shayna) with the text of a lemon (whole, not juice only) in the Cup of Almealsakn all night price Acherbah on an empty stomach in the morning before the Tbdaa mycosis . Note Skerothmla without the bitter taste but Aatbreh treat it and be patient! Recipe for slimming and tight body Prof. Dr. Abdel Baset Sayyid: Professor herbal remedy (prophetic medicine), and Professor of Biophysics and Medical District, and the former head of the Department of Biochemistry at the National Center for Research, Bmusristkhaddm follows: First, you must work a diet of no more than 800 in the meal price. Second, the use of an aqueous extract of the plant Albaradqosh (hanging + cup boiling water) and drink before each meal. Third, the use of hanging from the mixture of the following (100 grams seeds leg +50 grams mustard +50 grams Kabli +50 grams Bradegosh +50 grams glomerulus overseas Chinese) and taken to fill a small pending before Alojbhbarba hour Sava water. Omlakh herb mixture of the following: 100 gm seeds leg +100 grams Kabli +100 grams Birdaqosh +50 grams mustard +50 grams Sno, mix well, and spoon taken half an hour before lunch and before dinner, half an hour Recipes Firming Body The most powerful recipe to flatten the abdomen Of things that benefit, God willing, is the use of olive oil and Dlleke the flabby areas, put a good olive oil between the paws of your hand and Afrckah, then Adlki affected area well to reduce stretch marks, and olive oil is absorbed from the skin, and I've noticed many people changed significantly during the period of time short....

Weak libido

 نتيجة بحث الصور عن ضعف الرغبة الجنسية

Reasons Reasons for the poor libido divided into Psychological factors: Social conditions. Psychiatric diseases such as depression and stress. Some psychiatric drugs. The most important reasons for membership Lack of male hormone. Increase the proportion of hormone poplar blood. Thyroid disorders. Liver disease and increase the proportion of hormone femininity. Anemia and general weakness. The weakness of the desire Tnchae result of sexual impotence same as the patient's sense of not being able to practice makes him lose his enthusiasm and then his desire to race. Diagnosis And be through: Taking a case history of patients. Clinical examination. Laboratory tests as checking hormones, liver function, proportion Alhmocalobin. Treatment And Batmd the diagnosis and treatment is either psychologically if notch psychological Hoalgalb, and treatment of organic bug that was found through the necessary medicines for each case.

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Treatment of thigh bone fractures with four heads, hand and shoulder and lower bones and upper

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Coalescence of fractures The treatment of fractures and docking with different ways, depending on the degree of elevation or runny blood to Bone, and the bone around, and on the degree and location of the injury, and the age of the patient, and finally on Method of treatment used. Broke the bone always mean poor blood rod to the bone, and all the blood disorder and Rhode impedes Bone healing process and his tackle, while the vigor and vitality of blood vessels is one of the Are essential in the ossification process, so heal shin bone rectangular be While weak heal immediately basal parties bone, the area responsible for the divisions (Cellular bone) because they are rich vibrant, and not through the periosteum, which coats the bone Through the joint, ligaments, tendons close it. The Albanian cell to maximize (docking) formed on the surface of the broken bone, and the bone Soft (sponge) have covered the surface is very large, while the bone hoarder "Extreme coherent" be limited exclusively in the lining of the spinal cord channel Central, and moreover Valazm soft (sponge) is best fed with blood, Therefore, the adhesion is faster than the bone-ROM (Compact). Stages of fusion breakage This should be taken into account when assessing the treatment period, the total blood flow torrent In one of the broken fragments greatness femoral neck or wrist greatly prolongs the period of bone adhesion. Coalescence fractures in X-rays The congestion is caused by the bloody break. During the twelve days is subject to congestion For a particular system. In this period, the movement of the bone fragments can be observed, while appearing in X-sharp cracks or simple fractions and after the process of absorption of tension fabric shows Connective Alaltahami in the case. The initial docking of bone that occurs in the bone tissue contains fragments of Hydroxy Ibnat, and appears in the X-chips such as wool (wool yarn). The parties to the bone Not sharp, and appear on the form of fog (in young people, this show within a few days, and in the Adults from three to four weeks). Biology (vital), the docking marrow appears on the X-like spongy bone, Clearly seen on the bone rectangle. Adhesions and bony take place within three to six months, however, the notch Fractional could occasionally seen after a year and a half, such as those after the duration, or when it happens Total docking bone again, the place where the fracture completely disappear. The information listed are only guidelines for the importance of, and the legal task it requires Preparation and special care to determine the injury, and the date of occurrence and offal. Fusion of skeletal fractures and cured in adults requires anchor calendar limited Time periods (and preventive treatment) as follows: Alazmamdh type of installation Shoulder The upper part of the radius bone The lower part of the radius bone Body of radius Crank (one bone) (Crossbones) The neck of the femur Femoral trochanter area The lower part of the thigh The upper part of the leg Shin The lower part of the leg Ankle area 3 - 5 weeks 4-5 weeks 4-6 weeks 8-10 weeks 6-8 weeks 10-12 weeks 12-16 weeks 8-10 weeks 10-12 weeks 8-10 weeks 10-16 weeks 10-16 weeks... Physiological fusion fractures Congestion of the blood vessels, which Ttglt during 6-8 hours injury arises. And thrombosis associated with a broken bone operates as an intermediary for the proliferation of new cells in the cells Connective tissue between the bone fragments and to form the nucleus of the maker of the new bone. In the early days Following the break, there is the connective tissue between the bone fragments, then quickly show tissue Cicatricial Or granular. In the next stage, and on the newly formed blood vessels, Precipitate Constituent of bone material (a bag skeleton) and produces the so-called bone coherent, and means This phase fragments touch Article initial fusion (Callus) broken bones Such as clinical skeletal Union, which requires several periods, based on the type and size of the bone. In the next phase of treatment, the Albanian cell absorption of bone leads to the replacement Coherent bone bone Mussafah which relates to the composition of lines and load pressure forces the bone ( Afford it). The method described in the docking marrow take place under certain conditions. For Example: the weakness of the installation process (splinting) and complications of Osteopathic installation not only be Seriously annoying, but thus provide adhesion and bone formation detailed false (false - contact Bony placebo). This, and the pollution and inflammation and infection of the fractured bone can disrupt his tackle for a month or Years, so Shell docking marrow contaminated process takes longer. The treatment of fractures requires taking into account the conditions of several chemical and biological tissue, and mechanical ... Although fractures calendar of important things for a sports person to be able to practice his sport. Coalescence fractures disorders Atrophy of skeletal Statistics class, especially in cases of shrapnel fractional surface, be A natural evolution in Alaltahami bone to break. The Sodic exhibitors from serious complications Which affects the mobility and strength of the foot. In the first phase there are complications on the base of Food effect of the nerves in the form of swelling and redness of the skin phenomenon. The X-rays show atrophy skeleton Patchy (only). If the development of the condition continues The symptoms persist, it could get inflation bony tissue Hyper plastic bone)) . Delay or absence of significant adhesions in the complex process of docking skeletal complications. Late adhesions take its place with the continuity of Osteopathic installation (Immobilization) appropriate and proper re-installation of the parties and the broken fragments of bone, and During the X-spacing ends parties bone fracture and a widening fissure fractional show. Late adhesions can be docking in the case of the decay of the bone and his over-zealous, but this The phenomenon of the decomposition of bone and Triqgaha accompany these cases. Can false joint between the parties to the fracture configuration, and this is in the case of decay or not Appropriate reconstructive methods (internal and external reasons). Ray image shows a lack of docking Marrow, rotated gradually, forming a typical bone fracture parties. And the closure of channels Medullary bone marrow and widening fissure, and be detailed false instead of docking Bone and roughly the bones of his relationship thigh and upper arm bones of the hand does not exceed And foot. The emergence of a clear increase in packets of tartar to the parties to the broken bone and gradual closure Channels medullary bone cortex and weak interaction and the widening fissure bone fracture zone All of which give a clear diagnosis for late adhesion false detailed composition process. Unfortunately, it is very natural to be delayed for a change in the course of the case, which reached To injury. On this diagnosis in cases of difficult situations need to be applied imaging And X-rays glass to clarify the situation. Applied Imaging despite foggy and installation of barrier marrow, they illustrate well how and expansion The ends of the broken bone rigid (Sclerosis). Pictures magnifying able to give details More pronounced for the installation of the bone, and the restoration of the bone on the other hand. As a result of individual injuries, Accompanied by multiple fractures, can be accompanied by muscle calcification after infection, and in varying Different because of the rupture of the cortex bone fragments fractures, and muscle brachial gibbet of the most Muscles prone to calcification.... Calcification of bone can be seen above the extrusion coronal (calcification appear hazy and then Take the form Osvenjia). As can be seen above the muscle calcification trigonometric and muscle widening Inside the femoral. Tissue calcification and encircles the full shift (caught) connective tissues Overlapping parts of the muscle. Such calcified muscles appear in radiology through 3-5 Weeks, and increase to 6-8 months after infection. The access to these complications The barriers are very important, because it reveals early on calcified muscle. Chronic fractures These cases are caused by continuous endurance excess bone, working on excessive resistance Physiological, and ease of occurrence minute, especially sports-related (fractures injuries Debilitating or tired from areas prone to increase endurance, such as second and third paragraphs And fourth paragraphs of cervical, and foot and thigh, with the exception of the inner surface of the femur The trachea and heels). In many cases, fractures can not can not see the incision in X, and this explains the rich fusion and interaction in the bone cortex (periosteum), and if you take Image rays early, it can be seen clearly notch. Detailed false Pseudoarthrosis This consists in the place of the fracture, which was due to some reasons the parties do not coalesce with fracture Each other. After two or three months in place of the fracture, and rather than be docking Bone, cartilage tissue consists of (brittle) and this will be detailed and placebo. In such cases, Valjrahh is the only treatment, and this is made up in the following points: 1. Remove the configuration cartilage 2. revive the edges of the parties fractures and bone using pruning. 3. Action landing install metal (osteosinthesis). Pruning is taking bone marrow crust of the leg area of ​​the young upper area Bone (epiphysis). And digging long channel between naughty and pen bone fracture is placed in the stream Channel, and this usually proves Palmthbtat cuneiform metal. User injured and edger placed in broken install Gypsum for 3-6 months. If an event in Milan Another axis of the bone and beyond any growth after surgical intervention, there is no objection from another surgical intervention To evaluate the warp winning, and an amendment bone (osteotomy). And here takes into account the length of Lists The infected patient, out of fear of what the Palace. Many scientists believe that the reasons for the false joint occurrence lies in hormonal factors affect the Metabolism of the components of the bone on top of calcium, as well as the softer bone Acquired in some people. Sudeck's atrophy of bone: It is the demise of mineral salts from the infected bone opposed, and loss of elasticity of the soft tissue Surrounding the fracture, as a result of poor blood circulation, especially in the articular region prone To infection. He spoke these symptoms in most cases in the joints of the lower limbs and the attendant Status radiating pain in the affected area, and poor circulation as a result of tight blood (Vasoconstriction) happens after the paralysis of the puppet aneurysm (vasodilation) In the case First blood vessels shrunken (Mnaqbdh) and cellular poor nutrition while in case The second blood Valawaah expansive and slow speed of blood flow and the recent result is One. And that the deficit in the cellular nutrition results are: 1. demise of bone mineral salts. 2. The loss of elasticity of the soft tissues. 3. Muscular Dystrophy. These variables are a serious impediment occur if preventive therapeutic methods are not followed to prevent Evolution. We can consider the offer Sodic paralysis of the blood vessels and pass this projector in three stages Succession: The first stage: the stage of pain and swelling hinge called the acute phase. Second stage: the stage of racial decomposition of metals and leachability of the bone. Third stage: the stage of continuity and decay metal salt of the bone (change structure Bone). The clinical picture of the situation: Articulated radioactive pain in the affected area, swelling and swelling, Redness of the skin, chilled articular region, and infect a cold sweat and movement painful articular And limited. The surrounding soft tissue atrophy in the case of the occurrence of articular stiffness. Therapeutic intervention: The therapeutic intervention varies from one person to another due to varying degrees of injury among persons Therapeutic accurate and interference in stages and its application. And it must take the following steps: - Lack of detailed Qbarp (violent) motor. - Hinge installation does not give satisfactory results. - Kinetic applied by the processor should be under the limits of pain, because this can Cause atrophy. - The application of therapeutic support and active movements that depend on the patient. - Repeated several times a day therapeutic movements. - Raise the physical ability when injured. - The use of water means (water treatment) and electric therapy in the treatment of the case.