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Benefits of Water cosmetic rice .. complexion bright

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Benefits of Water cosmetic rice .. complexion bright Using rice in cosmetics is one of the secrets of the beauty of what gives him the brightness and smoothness of the skin He works as a cleaner her for granted glasses and serenity, and some female students have proven that women who use rice water to her skin gives skin flawless as superior effectiveness of water rice products cosmetic artificial carrying many chemicals that may increase skin imperfections, what do you think that Madam Ttabaana bronze site to find out what the women highlighted the benefits of rice water for the skin than Christvzak to be used for skin and your face... The rice water a range of benefits to the skin, which helps to protect them from the problems and the rice water works to address many of the problems of the skin such as grain, pimples, wide pores, pallor, and dark circles, and other problems of the Ladies in the skin and are uncovered, and you Madam way to prepare rice water, my cheeks and a bowl of rice and rinse thoroughly with water, then cook in water, and in the last rice Put in a bowl and water in another bowl, and you can use it to your skin and that dipping a piece of cotton in the water rice and Tdhenne by your skin and within a few days, you'll notice that the net skin and free from all defects that cause you the hassle, to Ttzma skin look and natural beauty kidnapper, without that you may need to use cosmetics to hide defects, Vme rice is the solution best suited to you get a pure and clear complexion. Used as well as the rice water to lighten the skin and protect it from exposure to burns because of the sun, especially in the summer, so I advise you Madam should use rice water as a disinfectant to protect the skin and the face of all the problems that may cause tarnishing the beauty snap, and you can also drink this water because of its health benefits Vfoaúdh not only shorten the cosmetic but also works to strengthen the body's immune and makes you comfortable and improve agility, which makes the skin of your face and joy....

Herbal remedy to break up kidney stones, bladder, ureter and bedwetting in children

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Herbal remedy to break up kidney stones, bladder, ureter and bedwetting in children and incontinence herbal treatment to break up kidney stones, bladder, ureter and bedwetting in children and incontinence herbal remedy to break up kidney stones, bladder, ureter and bedwetting in children and incontinence The most powerful herbal remedy to break up kidney stones, bladder, ureter and bedwetting in children and incontinence For lithotripsy What is the total pebble? Is a solid body is formed in the kidneys and vary the size of the body known as kidney stones the size of a small not see with the naked eye, but microscopic to the size of a golf ball close to a diameter of about 4.7 cm and consists mainly in men. The cause severe pain if jammed in urine output. Most kidney stones are composed of salts Alcaliswm and usually have different forms. In many cases, doctors determine the cause can not form stones, and some people to have the ability to be alkaline stones because they absorb the amount of calcium through their diet and put the excess calcium in the urine, but may crystallize some calcium before leaving the body, forming a pebble. Most kidney stones pass through the urine out of the body and is often accompanied by severe pain, and when it was jammed pebble aid requires a physician to extract them. In some cases, can be removed by doctor inserts a flexible tube into the ureter, a channel carrying urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Sometimes doctors have used a laser beam or a machine called "fragmented pebbles" to address the college stones. In laser treatment the doctor, "Leyva visually" enters, which is a thin thread of glass or plastic to the ureter even up to stones and then generates a laser beam of energy passing through the fiber, and the fragmentation of stones into small pieces graduated with urine and focuses fragmented gravel shock waves on the stones while sitting The patient in the bath water. The shock waves crash stones. College stones her medical history is long and mechanical formation was under several experiments in which evolution has occurred, and stones college remained disease baffles They differ in minute like grains of sand sizes to those that can fill the total basin cavity which consists in college or the ureter or bladder, divided to calcium stones (oxalate or phosphate), uric acid stones, stones or ammonium phosphate and magnesium every type of these stones has many causes. The treatment depends on the composition of the gravel road and the reasons responsible for the composition of each type separately, all previous types share the same condition and symptoms, but the allocations over the urinary saturation of self-minute rule mutated by configuring the crystallization inhibitors, as in the case of formation of stones Alcalseyoum.adid Patients stones college have the same symptoms and some stones remain static and discovered by chance during the evaluation Alradeogerafa and that in the absence of specific reasons for patients with the college and the passage of the stones to the ureter followed by severe pain affecting Calledrenal This is not uncommon in the case of small and sandy pebbles where crossing of the ureter with a few pains, and not all the stones move the ureter, some remain in the main place and continues to grow, and show clinical signs in the form of blood in the urine, inflammation of the overall basin or Anglaq.hnak many factors responsible for the formation stones including: location, type, disease, configure bristles distorts by shape and location of sex, race, and the prospect of food. The doctors explained that kidney stones are a serious problem, especially in men, where the injured suffered from severe heartburn in the urine and frequency of urination abnormally, pointing out that 80% of kidney stones are caused by calcium buildup in the kidneys because of the low compound concentration (Street) in the urine caused a defect in metabolic processes in the body leading to poor absorption. The researchers noted that the surgery to remove the gravel or using fragmentation laser to small-sized pebbles graduated with urine, does not guarantee full recovery of 100%, and the setback may worsen and lead to renal failure, which has no cure yet except for a kidney transplant operation, so overcoming this situation in its early stages is an effective treatment of the disease. They stressed that it is possible to get rid of kidney stones posed at the beginning to take capsules of compound (potassium Street) a day, but the high price tag can not be many of abuse, while drinking lime juice, a hit of lemon known scientific in his name (Strass Orantevolaa), regularly represents simple, easy and inexpensive way to increase the straights content that prevent the formation of calcium crystals and converts it to kidney stones in the urine, due to the riches two elements potassium and straights. 1) stones calcium: many types of bugs, especially high secretion of the first Albarrathred gland be more likely to form stones can be overcome resistant sex and gender influence can be seen as a means of diagnosis of value to search for the cause of the stones in white women and Alsod.hat stones of calcium phosphate formed in the case of high secretion of several first Albarithiroad but most patients are a mixture of calcium stones or Xalat or calcium phosphate or their Maa.fa ordinary individuals the amount of calcium in the body of the user food is controlled through the vitamin D hormone Albarratheroad.and eating a large amount of Calcium can control the quantity absorbed by the intestine, where absorb a small amount of Alcalseyoum.fa case patients formation pebbles most patients out a large amount of calcium in the urine (more than 300 mg in 24 hours), indicating that the increase in the absorption of calcium from food in the intestines and in nutritional therapy must calcium intake from food is reduced to about 600 mg / Yum.olkn there is a shortage in the previous studies on the approval of the benefit of this diet Some believe that calcium reduction in food cause an increase secondary to hormone secretion Albarratheroad gland and recommended average moderation in calcium and phosphate intake if patients have high at the level of 25.1 binary hydroxyvitamin (35) Trhidricks vitamin C in Albulazema.oamkn determine the long period that the urine volume over 2500 mm / 24 hours is useful if you have configured stones disease, therefore drinking large amounts of fluid from the 3 4 liters per day patients are advised, two studies Two new made it clear when handling such patients to exchange a small amount of calcium and high quantity of fluids more than 50% of them reconfigure stones occurs during a period of three years and there is no research shows that there is a complaint or the risk of eating calcium with a large quantity of fluids in the diet of these patients. 2) common among patients stones oxalate: more types of stones, and show these stones as a result of an imbalance in the calcium and phosphorus representation in the body and the occurrence of high calcium in the urine and the height of the oxalate in Alpol.oxalat calcium is relatively insoluble in the urine and the urine is too steeped in this compound, a modest increase in the concentration of oxalate can cause an increase in the activity of formation of calcium oxalate which leads to the formation of crystals of calcium oxalate, but the increase oxalate in food, as in the US almonds, chocolates and coca citrus fruits and juices, spinach and tea can increase oxalate and composition Alhsoat.kalseyoum food associated with oxalate in the intestinal lumen prohibitive absorbed and therefore can feed on high food in oxalate and low in calcium, will absorb a high of oxalate also scattered pebbles in the small intestine patients and inflammatory chronic pancreatitis or yellow diseases are spread also in quail patients and increase oxalate in the blood and the evidence showed that the excrement mixed fats shows degree first quantity increase oxalate in the urine, and is associated with calcium fatty acids on the uptake in the vacuum of the small intestine, which allows for increased absorption of oxalate, which leads to a state of increased excretion of oxalate in Alpol.alalaj talk is based on fatty foods and foods rich Baloxalat and supply of daily calcium determine to allow the composition of oxalate Calcium is dissolved in the gut of Modern English Studies has created a strong correlation between the global level in the feeding of animal proteins and the occurrence and spread of oxalate stones kidney stones fall degree in plant them in the animal (ie meat eaters). 3) stones uric acid: Appears significantly in patients formation stones uric but mechanical not fully understood, increased output of uric acid in the urine is another factor for the development of the composition stones in uric acid eating a large amount of protein and high quantity of alcohol constitute important factors to increase the output of acid Uric in the urine, stones formed from uric acid melt when the urine becomes alkaline foods rich rules protein leads to the formation of uric acid in the body thereby creating the preferred environment for the formation stones Alyorik.mn possible to reduce the formation of uric acid and cut him out by a low intake in purine but such Food does not accept the patient because they are unacceptable and the treatment of kidney stones uric acid includes taking the amount of the same alkaline tendencies fluids and taking medicines to prevent formation of uric acid such as (Allopurinol) this treatment succeeds in keeping the concentration of uric acid in the urine and works on melting pebbles formed, which in turn leads to reduce the degree of Ph and the formation of stones in uric acid. 4) stones Alsstin: Increasing Alsstin in urine one resulting from a genetic error in the metabolism of Alsstin disease, which interferes with both the gut and pipes college vectors of amino acids Sistine, leucine, arginine, and Alawntin where Alsstin less amino acid soluble and consequences in the form of stones when increasing concentration in Alpol.oimkn injection concentration Alsstin by reducing Almtbaiotin food that leads to identify the types of protein in the food, talk therapy for patients (Hyperuricosuris) or stones Alsstin includes eating a large amount of alkaline liquids for Paul and the use of (Penicillamni) treatment maintains Alsstin dissolved in solution, but the side effects of this treatment limit its use Tips for patients with kidney stones and gall bladder: Must know that the type of food that you eat may have a positive or negative effect on the formation of kidney stones and gall bladder only one who can see the type of food that suits you and you are you the following: -1 Tried to avoid or minimize the foods that contain calcium, such as dairy products, mackerel and salmon and sardines, cabbage and dried figs, turnips, okra, chickpeas, which increase the risk of formation of gravel. -2 Tried to avoid foods that contain Aloczlat such as spinach, rhubarb, peanuts, chocolate, tea, which is involved in the formation of kidney stones and gall bladder. -3 Reduced protein such as meat, where studies have shown that college pebble be more of the people who use meat significantly. -4 Reduced the salt, where he participates in the formation of gravel and therefore should eat foods low in salt. 5. fluids must be wary of them: Not all liquids and beverages have a positive impact on the treatment and the stones where there are some types of liquids may affect the formation of gallstones, especially if these fluids containing compounds Athognih where the increase of the occurrence and the stones college and comes on top of the liquid coffee, which contain compounds for Athognih a Aleciom salts as well as tea and alcohol contain a proportion of these compounds that are related to the formation of gallstones. Coca-Cola soft drinks: As I mentioned earlier that not all drinks are advised to drink to reduce the incidence of kidney stones college and mentioned that some drinks may increase these stones are especially college stones of oxalate type, has been studying the impact of soft drinks that contain the amount of (Cola) found in another scientific study Then a sample of individuals study (men and women) showed that these drinks should include the existing drinks that must stay away from them to reduce gallstone formation limestone where it was noted that the consumption of soft drinks produced in an increase in Alxlat and lack of Almguenzim jackets, which has an impact on the stones college. Scientific study This was the subject of scientific study of 14 men and about 31 women observed that these sample they do not have any problems in the urinary tract and there are no problems in college stones have. The ages of these examiners between 20-26 years old urine samples were collected during the experiment a day after eating large amounts of soft drinks during the day. Results vital study Observed in the analysis of the urine sample study that there is a moral and noting an increase in the contents of urine associated with occurrence of stones college when both men and women after a large amount of soft drink consumption was observed a significant increase in Alxlat and (Uric Acid) It was noted that there is an increase in the acidity of the urine as is evident in Table 1, which shows that there is an increase in Alxlat and magnesium, as well as Alaurk acid and an increase in the acidity of urine each of these factors to the observed changes during the large amount of soft drink consumption. Gallstones Sometimes gallstones are formed inside the yellow intensive. These small blocks harsh been confined in public bile duct to the disease, "jaundice" and deals with doctors gallstones the removal of the gall bladder surgically, but some gallstones may dissolve treatment, and others can be treated using a device called the "fragmented pebbles" The result of this fragmented gravel shock waves break gravel into small pieces Jadda.aloashab * Are there any herbal medicines or metal or animal for the treatment of kidney stones and gall bladder college? Yes, there are medicines from nature to bring out the kidney stones and gall bladder, namely: Parsley The parsley plant from generating plants that prevent the formation of the college pebble, and German authorities have proved that the work of tea from parsley by a teaspoon of dry roots of the plant for a glass of water that has been boiled and drank two to three times a day (two cups to 3 cups per day) had a good effect. As well as parsley seeds have an impact on the pebble out a kidney antirheumatic but not used carefully cause a bad influence as the high seeds toxic doses and should not be used by pregnant women or those who suffer from kidney disease. - Red or white radish Municipal: Today we talk about red radish juice municipal and white as a treatment for the pain of gallstones. And the way the red radish juice processing or white is clean radish completely from dirt with clean water and then leaves and roots taken all and cut into small pieces and placed then in the meat grinder and chop well and drank from this chopped amounted to 400 to 500 grams per day with three meals, preferably preparation This chopped aphid so that there is no likelihood of bacterial contamination. And European patients suffering from gall bladder drink juice fresh from radish, which they see as an antibiotic natural and can be drunk alone or with lemon juice, the user of radish part is the root tuber which contains Gelokoslanit which produces the pilot and composite oil Rvannin vitamin C Rvannin compound and is regarded as the which gives the opposite effect to the bacteria Herodotus wrote in the year (485 425) BC that the workers who built the pyramids in Egypt were paid horseradish, garlic, onion salary to them, and in ancient Roman times was used horseradish oil for the treatment of skin diseases, and in China radish record in the book materials Medical and this year 659 after the death of Christ as peptic and invigorating, and actually used radish beginning of the seventh century to treat dyspepsia. The radish induces appetite and digestion, and eaten red radish with as an authority of appetite either black radish juice well placed tonic and laxative where he found that his influence on the intestines and thus extends its influence as an instigator of the secretion of bile, there are some warnings on horseradish, which is that some people can Atzaiqgua after eating radish and must non-use of radish by people who suffer from intestinal problems or infectious or duodenal ulcers or of the thyroid gland and should not be used continuously for a period of not more than 3-4 weeks. Other ways: taken from the heads of radish round or long without branches only knock heads and then pressed discharged and drink it half a cup of adult and young drinkers than a tablespoon three times a day for four days it is so wholesome, God willing. Another method is placed in the blender and drink on an empty stomach the largest possible amount of down pebble in the kidneys and urinary tract. Another way is taken from the branches of green radish and without paper and beats and squeeze water twigs and drink it as much as a cup of coffee cup three times a day for three days it is so wholesome, God willing. Linseed: Is the linen herbal user from the seed segment plant has been talked about for the treatment of cholesterol and a laxative and so contains linseed on the oil of the type hard and make up this oil in the seed 30 to 40% and the largest composite rate in this oil is linolenic acid, which constitutes 36 to 50% 0.23 to 34% Allenoltic acid and 36% gel And 25% protein and used flax or linseed oil seeding for the treatment of seizures scissors gallstones and spoon to eat from linseed and placed in a cup and then fill with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes, then drain and drink at a rate of one cup after each meal, and can be used for juice, linseed oil and commonly known oil warm landing gallstones, if the small size and graduated through the digestive channels to go out then from the anus to the contrary kidney stones and ureter and bladder that comes out through the urine, and drink from linseed oil four spoons in the middle of meals and another dose to be When you go to sleep any drink of oil and one teaspoon with each meal and dose fourth at bedtime, and is a private hot oil seeds linen of the best remedies to dissolve gallstones but it needs a long period of up to three months to dissolve kidney stone them out. Dandelion: German Research has reported that the roots of the plant dandelion has a distinct effect on the liver, it stimulates the gallbladder to the secretion of bile and is one of the best herbs absolutely repellent to toxins the liver and works mainly on the liver and gallbladder to help them take out the waste them: It is also based on cleaning the kidneys and out toxins .. The dandelion roots and leaves of the best herbal medicine for bitterness, where she works not be gallstones and possibly dissolve gallstones formed .. can use endive they ate food they are considered in addition to being a drug and there, including pharmaceuticals sold in local markets. Soak about three tablespoons of the roots or rhizomes dandelion crushed with about a liter of water and simmer for about 5 minutes and then boil then for 15 minutes and drink it cup before each meal and for the treatment of liver, as well as the gallbladder where prevent the formation of gallstones and fragmented, if any. Ammivisnaga Medical trait is a herbaceous plants around me rise no more than 50 cm to him the fruits of the vehicle, and native to North Africa and the countries of the Middle East and the countries of the Mediterranean basin and is grown in Australia and South America contain plant trait municipal Jelin 1% and Vznagan and Khalol Gelokoside and volatile oil by 2, 0% flavonoids and sterols, I've used the trait plant from several centuries in order to reduce renal colic pain and bring out the gallstone college through its effect on the expansion of the ureter, and considered this plant constitutional plants in most of the constitutions of the global pharmaceutical and the most important effects that anti-shrink and anti-asthma and calming. He has researchers Egyptians in the Department of Pharmacology doing research on my boat Alkhlin and Alveznagan the bronchial tubes and the coronary vessels in the heart and the urinary tract and found that these two compounds distinct influence on the expansion of the airways as well as the coronary vessels and the expansion of the ureter is Alkhlin of Asthma Medications known and regarded trait treatment popularly in Egypt against kidney stone has mentioned this use and scored on papyrus from 1,500 years BC is still used from that time to this day is one of the most successful recipes to bring out the pebble kidney, and in Spain is a trait of most materials used to clean teeth cleaned. You should not use Ammi by patients who use blood thinners or vasodilators veins only after consulting a specialist doctor. Ammi means asking about the usefulness of the trait in the kidneys and urinary tract treatment, and whether it harms or side effects on other diseases such as diabetes, pressure, etc? .. The fruits of medical trait based on the expansion of the ureter and take out the kidney stones on the road but we must not understand that trait cure for kidney disease They only come out the stones, and there is no collateral damage for the trait, but the patients who use anti-angina not use Ammi As for the sugar and pressure, there is no discrepancy. Brother Abu Fares: ask about the herb or other help to break up Gallstone when a woman breastfeeds a child is forty days old and says that Gallstone size of 5 mm. Brother Abu Fares: Medical Ammi megaloureter inflict Gallstone and the way to take the fill teaspoon of Ammi powder and put it in the amount of filling a cup of water and leave it boil until concentrated to half a cup then Tzaha from the fire and leave it cools and then describes and drink once on an empty stomach for a period of 7 days where descend Gallstone God willing, not the damage to the child.... Ammi Municipal powder and boil in the amount of a cup of water, then leave to cool and drain and drink twice a day before eating .. You can also use the plant Acol and have Attarine where taken him to fill a spoon to eat and placed in a cup and then fill with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes, then drain and drink before eating at a rate of twice a day. Bbmna Mint is popularly used to treat gallstones and in Britain is sold in pharmacies peppermint lotion In some groceries for the treatment of gallstones and this is called the product "Rowachol" Termrk Already talk in detail in an article published in the newspaper "Al-Riyadh" at the beginning of this year. Turmeric is useful in the treatment of gallstones There is no doubt this has worked on the study Alkirkummen compound where he studied this compound in mice and proved its usefulness to dissolve gallstones. The curcumin compound to increase the liquidity of yellow that would prevent the formation of gallstones. Presley The parsley plant from generating plants that prevent the formation of the college pebble, and German authorities have proved that the work of tea from parsley by a teaspoon of dry roots of the plant for a glass of water that has been boiled and drank two to three times a day (two cups to 3 cups per day) had a good effect. Stingeng nettle Herbaceous plant leaves around him pedunculated not rise more than 50 cm and covers securities bristles irritation of the skin occurs when contact with him, tradition says that Julius Caesar brought the Roman soldiers nettles to Britain because they believe they will need to hit themselves Balaqras to get warm. Until recently, it was disking or beating Balaqras treatment popularly Typically for arthritis and still to this day nettle used in medicine, a tonic and cleanser suitable for spring. Part of user nettle roots, leaves, nettles contain the histamine and formic acid and acetylcholine and serotonin and Gelokozydat many minerals including silica and vitamins such as AB C acid and tannins, using nettle-generating Paul German authorities have recommended to drink several cups of boiled nettles daily prevents and cures kidney stone. The modus operandi of the drink take a teaspoon of powder plant and add them to a cup of water has been boiled and leave for 10 minutes, then drain and drink is also the nettle nutritious and nourishing and restorative and stop the bleeding and blood tonic for the session .. It also lowers blood sugar level. Apple juce Adjust the acidity in apple juice is alkaline and acidity of the blood and thereby mitigate the possible formation of stones in college. Riyadh newspaper, citing Saturday 20 Muharram 1422 number 11982 year 37 celandine Herbaceous plant Muammar up to a length of 90 cm. Holds the papers on the vehicle and floweriest body kits. Native to Europe, West Asia and North Africa. Part used parts of it aerobic and succulents deciduous plant contains alkaloids Aazocolnah is the most important Allucrbtobin and Berberan, and Chelodinin and Spartin is most of these Algulwbdat sedative. The composite Chelodinin he may counter the effect of contractions and reduced blood pressure. Plant used to help the flow of bile from the gallbladder and it is used to treat it and take out the yolk gallstones and relieves pain bitterness. Must beware of using this plant must be under medical guidance. Do not use it as a pregnant woman. In a study on a given compound Alcelidonan tablets body for 60 patients Bhsoh bitterness for six weeks has passed for physicians excellent results in the treatment of gallstones. CouchgRass It is a herbaceous plant Muammar length up to 80 cm long Rizum him and his papers striped cylindrical. Offshore original Europe and America and North Asia and Australia. The user of the plant. Aljzmuru roots and seeds. Plant Boleskreid contain the most prominent Tretesyn and volatile oils and the most important compound Ajrobairan features its impact on the bacteria. I have used this plant from the reign of each of the world Dessuqrides year between 6590 after the death of Christ and the world Pliny between 2379 after the death of Christ was used at the time for the treatment of dysuria and directed pebble college also used the roots of the plant after roasted Bmanabh Coffee At the present time is a plant generating and homes for pain It is used widely for urinary tract infection and Althabhabaladafah to Aderarh of Paul. It also is used with certain other medicines out in kidney stone. It is said that this plant dissolves kidney pebble In addition to the expansion of the ureter. It was found that this plant Alrstadta impact on inflation has been used as a remedy for the juiciest seeds liver problems and jaundice. Recipe vehicle for the treatment of gallstone pancreatitis Taken equal parts of the following herbs: Dmcish, Hasa Alban, Okhilaa or a thousand paper, dumped, Brdqosh, chamomile .. Mix all these ingredients and crush well and kept in a jar and taken to fill a small spoon and put in a bowl and pour the boiling water, then cover and filtered after 5 minutes and drink at a rate of one cup after each meal and the person continues to be addressed even disappear Gallstone. This Gallstone descend through the digestive system unlike kidney stone that descend through the urethra. You can use the same recipe for landing gallstones, which are also out through the anus, like gallstone pancreatitis. To remove these stones needed treatment for at least three months and no fear of the use of this recipe as the ingredients are safe. Other recipes Gallstone fragmentation in the kidney and gall bladder: Break up kidney stones: Gallstone to treat kidney parsley boiled in a pot such as coffee and then drink it and repeat the process more than once, even disintegrate kidney stones may try this drug, which is useful for very Break up kidney stones: Bring about 200 grams (about 1 cup) and fenugreek seeds Aglih in jug about 3 cups filtered water for 20 minutes and then a descriptive water from seeds and sorbets 4 cups per day about two weeks. The smell of sweat will have to change (be foul) when you continue to drink a solution to avoid this place about two tablespoons of frankincense anniversary Ojodh Omani italics zero in the jug during the boiling water with seeds .. can prepare a large amount of the solution and save it in the refrigerator to extend a week .. Tried this recipe .. It is guaranteed, God willing .. Break up kidney stones: cooking hibiscus Barre paper then added to three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon margarine beef and drain well after mixing it together and drink from a cup when renal colic it wondrous effect, God willing, and continue on it for a week until crumbles gravel and expel thanks to God. Pebble kidney: Taken from Shusha Arnuos maize amount of palm and boil on the fire in a liter of water, after a drink from the cooled and filtered three cups a day for a week. Pebble kidney: the palm of Homs black boiled on the fire in a liter of water until it goes half cup water drink it in the morning and a cup in the evening for three days. Pebble kidney: Taken teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and dissolve in a glass of water and drink twice a day for four days it is so wholesome, God willing. Pebble kidney: Taken from parsley dry seeds and powdered soft tablespoon and a half spoon and boil on the fire in half a liter of water from then filtered water and drink it half a cup in the morning and half a cup of the evening before going to sleep for two days it is wholesome for that, God willing. Gallstones: mint if it persists bitterness Bhsoh infected with constant use, they disintegrate and heals the patient, God willing, and this is what you're saying studies. Gallstones: taken celery root amount of 30 grams in a liter of water and boil for 5 minutes, and drink the infected every day the amount of cups. Gallstones shall be taken with a grain of crushed black spoon and a quarter teaspoon (once soft) "sold at shops Perfumery" and a cup of honey mixed with black bean and time, and eaten a spoonful of it in the morning and one teaspoon a day before going to sleep repeat for three weeks The Azeris cleaner good for the liver and gall bladder and can be used to treat specific problems with these members. * As for the treatment of ulcers and intestinal typhoid and gallstones and bouts of colic well placed linseed oil at a rate of three times a teaspoon a day. A physicians say: "I saw a satisfactory cases where the patient fasting gallbladder stones and then drink olive oil to dissolve gallstones, where the gallbladder to contract and expel the stones of the body." You should not dispense with chamomile in our house, in any case, where we can use it in the first aid in case of diarrhea or gastric and intestinal colic, and colic bitterness, and made him a strong tea and drink in this case, the doses, which is a lot of interest in relieving menstrual pain. Chamomile also helps to expel the gases generated in the intestines, and calm the nerves. Lemon juice cleans and removes kidney stones If you suffer from kidney stones, researchers at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Yogyakarta advise Gah Mada in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, drinking lemonade. The doctors explained that kidney stones are a serious problem, especially if you suffer from kidney stones, researchers at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Yogyakarta advise Gah Mada in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, drinking lemonade. The fruits of lemon richest among other types of citrus in terms of the content of the material (Street), with one kilogram of them juice contains 55.6 grams, while, for example, lemons contain 48.6 grams per kilogram, oranges 39.6 grams per kilo, while the mandarin or tangerine comes Last in the list because it contains only 5.4 grams per kilo. And makes the juice of a lemon squeeze Thmrtin medium-bodied and mix them with two glasses of water, and this amount is enough juice to seventeen patients, where each patient is given two tablespoons a day of it after dinner for ten days. Studies have shown that regular consumption of lemon juice increases the pH and content of the straights, potassium, urine volume without increasing calcium content, as the increase in the proportion of straights levels help to calcium in preventing crystallization and activated put in the urine, as research has shown that this treatment is effective in preventing the return of kidney stones again, does not cause any side effects even when infected problems and digestive disorders. And advised people suffering from kidney stones usually drink two liters of water and at least avoid salty foods, spinach, soft drinks and coffee. Gum powder with any liquid is useful in dissolving kidney stone, cumin generates urine, and thyme useful in the case of dysuria, and eat hummus with sugar useful in breaking up Gallstone, drink honey generates urine or condemning him by the patient's condition. The Acol plant is spread in many of the Kingdom of plants used in folk medicine to expand the output of the ureter and kidney stones and used on boiled body, but few scientific research on this subject and we are currently doing studies on Acol, especially on the kidneys. Should people with sand and pebble to drink boiled water following herbs being useful for Lithotripsy: A. Drinking of boiled chickpeas, black water. 2. drinking boiled water cinnamon stick. 3. drinking boiled water from the love of anise. 4. Drinking water juice of paper and twigs radish several days. Another recipe from the net: - Boiled green beans papers to remove the quota naturally from the college and the body, today I heard a big old man age story took place a long time ago had more than a quarter-century, where he told me that at that time was one of his relatives suffering from severe pain in the groin that is to say with grit , and has described his simple recipe contributed to the recovery, said his Boil green bean leaves and drink from its water every day three cups and go you gravel and will come out of your body and disintegrate, and actually told me that after the period of disposal of these testes and the professions as a result of drinking boiled green beans papers, is the fact that the treatment of the big man age recounted to me today and the story is proven "Moved" Table (1) Comparative differentiate between college and pebble pebble bladder Detonators Pebble college Cystolith How and how much Allen, the youngest. Went on strike to blush (gravel in a small kidney in order to be small fractions Vimitlye Wiczlq to surfaces involved) Razi. Harder, bigger. Went on strike to Aldkinh or gray or white. Roughness more for it in the space can be composed by what Akhcnha therefore is the greatest may be generated fragmented. Number may be more than one and lead to the fragmentation of the sand. Patient Beefy. Sheikhs With the most slim. It is followed by the boys (Extremely-childhood or adolescence) Pain Most intense at first, and when the nascent movement and traffic in the urinary bladder to Tesfl pain and Achtdadeh and coming off of cotton to the four and the ureter of movement ache signs housing has got in the bladder Less only when the imprisonment of urine. Itching pain in the male in origin and in the pubic and frequently accompanied by tampering with penis Urine Maybe it was thick and impossible to tenderness or thick it might have been the first and it was probably him many fail Imilely whites and repetition and not with red Paula thick oily ballast, but most of it thin, especially in the Getting Started and appears in the sand. Urinating blood if great or coarsely. Dysuria with more small to Onhaa can be located in the mouth of the bladder. Whenever finished Paul Apolh coveted that urinating in the case because the bladder irritation to pay the gravel. Accompanying signs Numbness in one of the thighs adjacent to the College confinement ailing as well as the tumor. Maybe Taddei with crippling pain to get out and hardship Table (2) Differentiate between pain and kidney Alcolnge Detonators Alcolnge Renal If the pain equally Great Like small thorns Almgruz Location Eptdye from the bottom right up to the left and settled if unroll the left and right and to be in front of and around the pubic inclined him to the back Eptdye from the top and be the first wrench in the back with indigestion in the urine and come down a little bit to where it settles and tend to be behind and suffered testicular shoe college (Razi). Time Hide at the time of the vacancy, intensifying when eating something Eptdye paid in a short time Has intensified at a time when freedom and a little bit intense at the end. Movement Moves to various destinations Fixed Comparisons There Aakecarar Frequently Alaakecarar What agrees and approves money Injection and exit of wind and gravity eases the pain Do not dilute Medicines for comminuted pebble Atkhvv to ache Relieve pain Jhhma out If he came out Kalpar guns and Kokhthae cow and Afloat Maybe not with retention something The amount of symptoms Less More Legs and back ache, chills, fall Lust vomiting bile And Albulgma More Less Natural alternative to the use of drugs Treat bed-wetting Of family problems problem (bedwetting), but considered it a family problem, because it is the case of a negative impact on the child and the parents, but may affect the parents a sense of frustration and intense regret, hand it affects the child a sense of shame in front of his brothers, which makes it a matter of ridicule and joke between brothers and those around him. It also caused a feeling of inferiority and the loss of a sense of security that leads to academic and a sense of failure Balzlh and shame, and a tendency to pull the nerve and heart and so, this problem and lead the child to stubbornness, vandalism and the tendency to take revenge in an attempt to avenge himself and compensate for the shortfall in his frequent criticism and irritability than cause sleep disorders for children as well as the bad dreams and the deterioration of neurological and psychiatric status. From here was this family problem (psychological) .. and that the delay in treatment poses a threat to the family of psychological composed of parents and their children. Causes of bedwetting. There are many studies on the stand at Assab this problem, the most important of these reasons: Organic causes: - 1 - bladder disorders (inflammation of the bladder-small-size narrow neck of the bladder) 2 - a major epileptic seizures at night, 3 - the division of the lumbar spine, 4 - inflammation of the spinal cord. 5 - diabetes DM. 6 - side effects of some medications. 7 - natural control for Mathaba acquires a gradual manner and gain control depends on several things, including mental development - muscular .. emotional and also training in the use of the bathroom early. Fei said that the delay .. may lead to the delay in the acquisition of control of the bladder. 8 - genetic factor plays an important role .. statistics only 75% of children living with them urinated autonomic parents or mothers were infected with it at a young age. 9 - and Other studies have shown a lack of the hormone ANT DIURTIC HORMONE at night time and the hormone that controls urine process. Psychological reasons: - 1 - anxiety. 2 - the child had been conflicts with frustration and emotion suppression. 3 - attract attention, which lost a child due to the birth of a new baby or segregation in the transaction. 4 - the beginning of the child goes to nursery. 5 - moving to a new residence. 6 - family problems or differences... Through the presentation of the reasons we can see a very important point in the treatment of this problem, which is that it must take into consideration not to deal with all cases in the same manner and method Each case requires special knowledge of the causes and treatment of causes during the study. This or a step in the treatment, which is to see why. Then there are ways and guidance may be useful, God willing, in the treatment of this case (the problem), including: 1 - Early Habituation for the child to enter the (bathroom) and use proper adaptations. With a soft diapers failed to mothers about child training at an early age. 2 - accustom the child to enter (the bathroom and urinate) before going to bed. 3 - Do not reprimanded and ridicule him, as this is not within his, it is better that we do not help him to war against him. 4 - encouragement rewarded when waking from sleep and did not pee. 5 - Child day training to delay the urge to urinate. 6 - reducing the amount of liquids before bedtime. 7 - accustom the child to wake up at night to empty the bladder, and awakens in for this purpose and that the full and Aah.ooajp parents to facilitate the process the child goes to the toilet to urinate and illuminated. Water cycle and be close to the child's bedroom and this process must not be confusing for the child so that he sees heavy duty, and take one adult to the toilet if afraid to go there at night alone. Movable article of the mentor forum Herbal medicines can be used to treat urination Alaarade: The truth is that the herbs that address diseases such as bedwetting in children and often caused the child's nervous tension Commissioner pressure as a result of the tension of life around him, or because of the presence of local irritation as a result of a narrow urethra or bladder infection or other problems. And some useful herbs in this case is to eat boiled Chrysanthemum Rue and linden, chamomile and Nigella and Alkndr, fennel, Alchukoria taking into account the desalination honey and emptying the bladder before bedtime - Honey: say (d. Q. Jarvis): We need to medication absorbs water and holds it, and has an analgesic effect on the body of children, and must not be in use harm, whether used for a long period of continuous or used intermittently for long periods or short as necessary, before all of this must be palatable and the child accepts it with great satisfaction, and this can only be done in the honey. Honey can absorb moisture from the air and Aktvha, and fructose (fructose) in honey has moisture absorption property, thanks to moisture absorption properties of this honey absorbs water in the child's body and prevents Tabbouleh during the night in bed. It can follow the following recipe for the treatment of bedwetting in children teaspoon of honey before bedtime, and this affects both ways: They inhabit the nervous system in children, as they absorb water in his body, and keep it throughout the duration of sleep, and thus the kidneys also rest. Dr. Hani al-Ghazzawi natural beauty means an expert, that a teaspoon of honey before bedtime or before going to sleep for half an hour to an hour to give a good result for individuals who suffer from the problem of urination Allarade. - Alum herbal remedy to break up kidney stones, bladder, ureter and bedwetting in children frown.gif) or (Feb cardia), a salt-like substance Stone (lemon salt) in shape but differ in taste, and sold in shops Perfumery. METHODS: to be taken from this banking and wet and wipe out the (Ana) child in a circular motion before going to sleep, which is a method used by folk who prefer folk remedies that hospitals walked its streets and roads. Ginger: Ginger toasted until it becomes like coffee and crushes the amount of ten grams with an ounce of honey and one teaspoon blends shall be taken before going to sleep every night to extend fifteen days. If you copy any page of this website, please mention the source as follows Quoting Hawwaj site site Hawwaj And indicative of good as actors Faecal incontinence According to a study published by the Journal (Nursing Research) recently, that eating dietary fiber supplements containing extracts of plants Bsalam or Arabic gum, may help control cases faecal incontinence suffered by the 1% of the elderly. The researchers explained that fecal incontinence is the involuntary leakage of intestinal content of the stool. The increased risk of this condition with age, and follow the lifestyles Aljlosah and lower mental capacity or certain diseases, pointing out that the use of dietary fiber a safe and effective as a treatment does not cause progressive effects. It is also inexpensive, especially for seniors living on limited financial budgets. The researchers found after follow-up of 42 people living with seizures weekly from smooth feces ate seven grams per day of summary Bsalam or 25 grams per day of the summary of Arabic gum "frankincense male, gum arabic" or medication normal for a month, blended juice fruit with my meal the morning and evening and control bowel movements they have, that those who ate fiber supplements Bsalam gum Arabic and witnessed a marked decline in the severity of the condition, compared with the average of abused drug, as it was carrying patients to the best of these supplements. Nutrition experts explained that dietary fiber is food components that do not shatter in the stomach or intestines and therefore can not be absorbed by the body, which improves bowel conditions and have positive effects on the digestive health in general. Studies have shown that taking 7-10 grams per day of Bsalam may help relieve constipation, while other studies have suggested that these supplements help reduce blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. Scientists have noted that adequate amounts of fiber consumption prevents infection and disease Balegrahat digestive blockage in the colon, also helps reduce total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL), stressing the need to drink plenty of water when eating fiber to prevent sticking bowel. Source: - site Jazeera Net Fecal incontinence in children .. hinder the social repercussions of married life in the future D. Yassin Fayez Alalit Fecal incontinence: Is the lack of control over the stool out of the anus and the loss of control that Zamani or where I am and must provide several important points in order to be fully human and true faeces control, including: 1. The existence of the anus natural place accurately. 2. The presence of the muscles around the anus winepress of nature in the form and function. 3. The existence of natural nerve center until the colon and around the anus. 4. having a nervous center to receive the proper sense of control. 5. Consistency work of all of the above. Reasons The most important reasons that lead to the lack of control faeces are: 1. Chronic Constipation: It leads to storage stool in the colon and rectum and gradual expansion colon, which comes out every day in the harsh accumulated feces in the rectum and out stool without the patient feeling or without control and this is faecal incontinence as well (the surplus in the stool passes) and the treatment of this weakness is treating the cause constipation. 2. congenital malformations anal: like having the anus migrans forward or anal fistula perineal where the anus in the natural place and this can also lead to constipation and inflammation localized and lead to impaired sexual intercourse later when the marriage must remedy this situation and re-anal surgically to its natural place. 3. consequences of operations or surgical trauma to the anal area, where weakens the muscles winepress work of the anus occurs leak feces and this leakage is during the effort and called stress incontinence, and some of these cases improve with time automatically or needed special surgery to restore the winepress muscles of the anus to the appropriate place on the Anal to be able to do the right mechanism shutdown when voltage .. 4. atrophy or not winepress muscle growth around the anus or atrophy of the nerves around the anus does not pass the signal nervousness in the anus to the nerve center fully and be weak or absent not result in the desired tensile strength and muscular pressure around the anus alarm closing occurs degree of muscular paralysis and there is a kind of radiographic Simple gives a very good idea of ​​fecal degree of control in children, even if the child's age just days after did not reach the stage of faeces Control is an easy and accurate. 5. neurodegenerative disorder within the colon and rectum, or its absence, and this usually leads to constipation and must be the eradication of the affected part of the colon and landing normal part of the colon to the anus natural place for treatment. 6. There are also parts of the rectum help to distinguish between gas and rectal fecal material even before they leave and when you sense weakness in this nerve inflammation weakens or error happens to excellence and infected human fecal incontinence Allatmiza. 7. faecal incontinence psychological: lack of control occurs and involuntary defecation when there is a mental disorder in the child cured of this type to treat mental state and the training, education and adequate attention by the parent to the child. Methods of Treatment Must first uncover the reason for the smooth by the conscious exact medical examination with the use of X-rays and laboratory tests or microscopic imaging stained during defecation process and measure the pressure within the anus special device, and then choose the doctor determine the cause and appropriate treatment quality ranging from: 1. advise a special diet rich in fiber and natural cellulosic special system to offload colon daily, and at the same time. Where the colon and his temper similar to the work of the alarm clock and actually get used by full-time and daily Balafrag particular patient up to get rid of constipation (emptying the entire regular daily at the same time of the colon) and the results are good to very good by the proper application of these tips degrees. 2-surgical procedure amendment and special operations reforming place anus or the size of the colon and rectum or correct the imbalance in the nerves of the removal of part skim nerves. 3. a surgical procedure to implant the transfer of capital and the muscles and the muscles of the thigh to the area around the anus to strengthen the anal sphincter original weak or absent. 4. The latest methods at all is developed a way to implant a plastic device (pounders industrial) circled around the anus similar work sphincter is controlled by the control of the anal automatically or manually, which closes the anus and prevents exit stool if the plastic bag swollen and when this device without the pressure out stool. It is special for some cases are indicated in fecal incontinence. Finally diet remain many many water and natural plant fibers with regular output at the same time a day is the most important in maintaining a dump waste from the colon and get rid of constipation and storage stool in the colon mechanism. * Consultant pediatric surgery and newborns in Riyadh Medical Complex - a researcher in children and fetal surgery at the University of Leuven - Belgium Quoting Riyadh newspaper Incontinence Brother Abu Faisal says he has a problem out drops of urine after urination and wants to know if there was a herbal remedy or food? - Brother Abu Faisal did not mention whether urination have naturally any out impulsively as is the habit or he slowly comes out and intermittently If so, the distillation is followed not out urine natural form and you in such a case review specialist in prostate diseases to see whether prostate overgrown or not, and if found to have prostate there are herbal codified recorder treatment with the Ministry of Health called Su Bamutaio which is sold in stores GNC In some pharmacies, but if the distillation occurs after the exit of urine in the form of natural can be used boiled watercress leaves at a rate of half arugula package purified from other plants Bring to boil and then fill the cup with water one minute for then cover and leave to cool for ten minutes and then drink a cup full contents after lunch and dinner. Brother Ibrahim Sharif say whether latency with gum-mentioned benefit of burning urine and if yes, how is it that if it does not work, what the effect of that? - Brother Ibrahim did not say how old are you burning urine output does not come from the urine the usual manner of payment, or that there is slower in the urine and the concomitant distillation with a burning sensation. Are revealed prostate especially if you are over fifty years because it may have inflammation or infection of the prostate which is that caused you heartburn, you should find out why Regarding cumin and that the male, there is no risk or harm from their use and the way to be taken to fill a spoonful of each and add to fill the cup of boiling water and leave covered for 20 minutes and then describes and drink once in the morning and again in the evening, and can work to spray the cumin powder with water (paste) and then placed on the pubic area and connecting cloth and leave for three hours once a day. I advise you to review a consultant urologist. Abu Wael asking about the treatment of urinary incontinence herbal? -abu Wael there is no rule of herbal medicines completely dealt with incontinence, but there are eases incontinence and the best thing for that is pink (Ayda) where eaten 4 cloves pills in the morning and four beads evening and this helps a lot. Albuqo treatment for inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract problems Bush Dendritic plant up to a height of about two meters do not have big legs, but is made up of leaves, twigs covered with thick leather textures dotted oily glands and clear, her red purple flowers. Plant known scientifically as Barosma Betulina of the platoon Alsmabah. Home of the original plant Albuqo: Original home of South Africa, where the plant is grown on a large scale on the slopes of the hills as currently planted in some areas of South America. The plant is not grown from seed, but cultivated through seedlings are grown seedlings at the end of the summer. The plant requires a sunny climate. Part of the plant used his papers only be derived when the plant blooms in the summer. Chemical content of the papers: papers contain volatile oil by between 0.15 to 0.25% and the most important oil compounds (Pulegone) (Menthone) (Diosphenol) and sulfur compounds and flavonoids and the most important compounds (Diosmon) (Rutin) in addition to the fluid materials. There are other types of this plant contain the same chemical compounds and have the same pharmacological effect a. Barosma Serratifolia, Barosma Crenulata What he said about ancient medicine Albuqo? - Albuqo papers considered a cure South African Gladiator used widely used as a stimulant and a diuretic and derail the kidney stones, was also used to solve digestion problems. Securities Albuqo has received a large home in Western medicine, where they used Kmadr poly and antiseptic for the urinary stream. In particular, used for the treatment of cystitis and other urinary problems. The papers Albuqo with a distinctive taste and aroma. Due to contain the leaves on the volatile oil they use to Ktardh winds and relieve bloating in the abdomen. Britain has imported Albuqo plant for the first time in 1790 and officially became a drug in the year 1821 as incorporated in the British Pharmacopoeia as one of the effective drugs in the treatment of bladder and urethra infections and inflammation of the kidneys and bladder catarrh. What to talk about Albuqo papers said medicine? - The uses of papers Albuqo plant at the present time is the uses of the same urinary diseases that were used in the past has proven to be effective in the treatment of acute bladder, especially if mixed with some other plants, such as corn hair and common juniper. Taking this treatment regularly, it eliminates the disease from returning. It has been proven that the infusion Albuqo or good stock tincture to treat inflammation of the urethra, especially when you are related to the problem, such as Candida Vaginal Thrush is Albuqo leaves telltale of the uterus, and it should be used by pregnant women. What are the daily doses? - Daily doses ranging from 1 gram to 2 grams of liquid Conclusion average of three times a day and can say that 1 gram to fill the cup of boiling water is the preferred dose rate of three times a day. Also, Albuqo papers used body drops in (Homeopathic Dose) is used 5 drops or one tablet or 10 granulators every 30 to 60 minutes and that in severe cases, either in chronic cases shall be taken from once to three times a day and it should be noted survival Albuqo or papers preparations away from light and moisture in the cooler and not more than 20 degrees in the container tightly closed. Considered Albuqo of herbal medicines registered securities in the Constitution of The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia 1996. Urinary Rich in potassium, asparagus, celery, parsley, fennel foods, a diuretic and stimulates the work of the kidneys to produce more urine, and help maintain the balance of sodium, potassium and chloride in the subjects of the body. And specialists advised to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day for pure for the adequacy of body fluids so as to protect it from drying out. And must stay away from processed foods, they usually contain a high proportion of salts, must also stay away from caffeine and dairy products, all of these materials can contribute to increased fluid retention in the body. Can be used ginseng chicory where it is rich in potassium, can drink boiled or containing Mstkhalsa capsules. As well as vitamin B6 is very useful in this case. This article reproduces site doctor now The boiled fennel quick fix. And can be added chicory plant also wonderful to power Aftamha, next to their usefulness in the treatment of fluid retention and resistance to disease in the body. Herbal cure all diseases, the treatment of respiratory diseases and the benefits of herbs, the treatment of the eye and envy and elves extract, herbal treatment of renal failure, colon herbal treatment, the treatment of many diseases, herbal, treatment of the forces of some common diseases, important information for the treatment of diseases, herbal

Parsley Benefits

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Parsley Benefits‬‏

White Sea region is considered the main home of the parsley and then spread grown all over the world A height of 25 to 30 cm and a small size of his cards color Green Fati consist of three papers smooth jagged edge Tsnina lightly And yellow flowers Emczuha Balakhaddrar smells them sexy perfume and fruit spherical Parsley features a general tonic, tonic for the nerves, anti-anemia Anti-rickets, anti-drilling, anti-conjunctivitis, dry, anti-poisoning Purifier of the blood and digestive system or urinary tract Structured menstruation, lying vessels, anthelmintic, anti-cancer Prescribed for anemia and nutritional disorder of the weakness and the growth of indigestion and intestinal fermentation and flatulence, pests malaria-rheumatic gout for menstrual pain Strained nerves of the weakness of the gallbladder to the intestinal worms In parsley quadruple in lemon and cabbage from Vitamin (w) The medical segment as a whole is a plant with roots Used from abroad: congestion milk, gonorrhea White, trauma Wounds, insect bites, conjunctivitis, strained nerves, freckles Parsley purifier of the blood, intestines, protective of cancer especially for children with sickle Aldmomaaqan. In case the amounts of more than Alazm Vabakduns impedes circulation Parsley juice at a rate of 100 to 200 grams cures fevers GOP (malaria) If boil parsley section milk was the best remedy for asthma and bronchitis and wet interruption sound It also dealt with dental pain rub the gum and cheek replace pain And deworming parsley boiled with Alatrilal violets and drink in the morning on an empty stomach Boiled parsley roots Mbol and emmenagogue and parsley root Holi is very useful In the healing of jaundice, dropsy and congestion of the liver and spleen And the organization of circulation Boiled seeds regulates menstruation and prevents the pain of ten and longer Parsley against the preferred treatment for menstrual disorders...

Seasonal mood disorder

The disorder mood seasonality of the famous psychological disorders that are linked to climate change, which is more prevalent in the winter, so some call it the term "winter depression", and notes that such a case exists in a wide range of people, but they are frequently limited effect, but its impact growing in some few cases, to appear in a satisfactory manner, in what is known ill seasonal mood.

It is noted that the disease often appears in the third decade of life, which affects women more than men, as the genetic marker plays a role in this matter, experts have attributed the winter depression to the physiological and biological changes that occur to the body in conjunction with the weather, climate change, leading to a number of pathological effects, perhaps the most important ..

• dischronation: which arises due to changes in body temperature, and the lack of exposure to the sun.

• lack of the hormone serotonin: which scientists consider as the hormone of happiness, where he works to give a feeling of happiness, comfort and calm.

• lack of the hormone melatonin: a hormone secreted by the pineal gland, and the preservation of the body's biological clock is irregular, also gives a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

It is noted that the symptoms of seasonal mood disorder usually Matbdo simple, then gradually increase to resemble the traditional symptoms of depression, as it should be pointed out that the symptoms of winter depression are frequently different from the symptoms of depression summer, where the symptoms of winter depression are a ..

• increased appetite towards food, especially sugars and fats.

• the desire to sleep for long hours, especially in the daytime hours.

• increase the weight, which is a natural consequence of the increasing desire to eat sugars and fats, and Mikablha of desire to sleep lying down.

• tendency to introversion isolation, a sense of laziness and lethargy.

• Lack of sexual desire.

• disturbance of the menstrual cycle in women.

The symptoms of depression summer Vtkon usually reverse the symptoms of winter depression, and include ..

• Loss of appetite.

• Weight loss.

• difficulty sleeping and the risk of insomnia.

• Increase libido.

And for the treatment of seasonal mood disorder are resorting to some therapeutic roads, some of which are traditional methods, while some of the ways to be innovative, non-traditional, generally, the most famous of these roads ..

• Photodynamic therapy: where is the use of white light shining similar to the sun, the source of a particular a light designed for this purpose, where they are exposing the patient to the light for half an hour a day in the early morning hours, that this treatment lasts for at least a month.

• Anti-depressants: but should be used such drugs under the supervision of a medical specialist.

• A diet antidepressant: This is done by focusing on eating certain foods is working to offset the decline hormone serotonin level, and perhaps the most important of these foods: avocados, dates, banana, pineapple, fish, eggs, as well as low-fat dairy products.

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Vitamin D deficiency in childhood causes heart disease

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Finnish scientists said that low vitamin "D" levels in young, in childhood, may have a detrimental effect on the blood vessels and arteries, and exposes them to the risk of heart disease in adulthood. The researchers explained, the University "Turku" in Finland, in their study, published in detail, on Wednesday, in the journal "endocrine glands Society", that vitamin "d" is important to the health of the heart and blood vessels. The researchers added that a lack of vitamin "d" is prevalent on the widely among children all over the world, "and our study monitored the relationship between the decline in children, and the extent of the injury atherosclerosis, which is associated with increased contracting heart disease in adulthood." The study analyzed samples from 2148 children aged between 3 to 18 years, to measure levels of vitamin "d" to have, and the re-examination and Takiém these children when they reached the age of 30 to 45 years. The researchers found that children who were suffering from a lack of vitamin "D" were more likely to have atherosclerosis in adulthood by 21.9%. The researchers said the results of the study highlight the importance of providing children with high levels of vitamin "D" through dieting, includes enough need of vitamin "d". French nutritionist Francois Dan advised to choose the perfect food to compensate for the lack of vitamin "d" and the lack of exposure to the sun the main source of his. The list includes eating food grains, kiwi, carrots, lemon, liver, milk, yogurt and drinking cup after two days of oranges, bananas, potatoes, green salad and olive oil, eggs and spinach salad and salad and coleslaw and tomato juice. And contribute to the food to compensate for the lack of vitamin "d" in order to strengthen bones and strengthen the immune system. French expert also advised the need to synchronize with these important elements of the body and human health, especially bones. Previous studies revealed that individuals who suffer from a lack of vitamin "d" more susceptible to disease, schizophrenia, and colorectal cancer, and Alzheimer's. 

 نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Vitamin D deficiency in childhood causes heart disease‬‏

Effective drug gradually to quit smoking

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Effective drug gradually to quit smoking‬‏

USA researchers said that a drug called "varenicline" longer an option therapeutically useful and effective for people who want to quit smoking within six months, with the recommendation of reducing the number of daily cigarettes. The researchers explained at the Mayo Clinic in the US state of Minnesota study, published in the journal "gamma" scientific, that taking the drug "varenicline" regularly for a period of 24 weeks helps smokers to quit smoking. The study was conducted on 1510 smokers to test the effectiveness of the drug in helping smokers who were willing to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked gradually. Participants said at the start tests they are not ready to quit smoking in the next thirty days, but they seemed more willing to quit smoking gradually within three months. After six months, during which participants took drugs "Champeix" struggling nicotine addiction by influencing some of the nerves of the brain, the proportion of them are no longer smoking four times more than those who quit smoking among other group placebo. The researchers found that 50% of the participants were able to quit smoking gradually within 24 weeks using the drug "varenicline", compared with participants who used the placebo. • intention to quit: Said John Ebert Mayo Clinic research team leader, said that the participants in the study were randomly selected from ten different regions of the United States, and the smokers are unable to quit smoking within a month, but is prepared to reduce smoking the number of daily cigarettes, and they have faith to quit smoking once and for all within the next three months. He added that the guidelines in the United States recommends smokers to set a date to quit smoking in the near future, preferably within two to three weeks, because the lack of commitment to a specific date for takeoff attempt ends in failure. The drug works "varenicline," which is marketed under the name "Champeix" by stimulating the brain receptors that cause addiction to nicotine, and through this this medication can reduce the desire to smoke, as well as reduce the symptoms of weaning that accompany the smoking cessation process. The main side effects of this medication nausea, vomiting, headache, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth and sleep disturbance, in rare cases, you may get cases of mental disorder such as depression.

The use of antacids errors

نتيجة بحث الصور عن أخطاء استخدام مضادات الحموضة

Considered antacids medications that people usually acquired without prescription official, they are even available on store shelves. It is noticeable that many people are using antacids excessive manner, which calls for doctors to launch their advice about legalizing the use of antacids in order to avoid side effects, such as indigestion, constipation and inflammation of the stomach and the stones in the kidney. One of the best ways to use antacids and take advantage of that is described in knowing the doctor, and shall not exceed a period of use to two weeks is beyond evaluation of the patient's condition and determine whether the need for the use of other means of diagnosing Kmenzar upper GI to know the reason for the continuation of the feeling Bhmoudh stomach. In some cases, the patient needs to use antacids again, there is nothing wrong in it to be after a period of time not less than one month. Among the most important means of alleviating the crisis acidity and flashbacks that are considered healthy diet pattern and follow healthy lifestyle. In spite of this medical reservation to legalize the use of antacids, the results of an American study published in the latest issue of the magazine «Prevention Research of Cancer» by researchers from the University of Michigan, included 596 patients who suffer from head and neck cancer has been issued, use two-thirds of These patients antibiotics acidity (proton pump blockers or histamine 2 inhibitors). The study showed that antacids led to a significant increase in survival rates in general for these patients. The researchers attributed this to the significant role of proton pump inhibitors, which is a function of antacids. The risk of death has decreased by 45 per cent compared to the other people who did not take antacids. Also found in the same study that the use of histamine 2 blockers reduced the risk of cancer by 33 per cent. Esophageal reflux of stomach acid is a common side effect when the patient is under chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which are used in the treatment of cancerous tumors, which calls for the doctor to add to the list of antacids treatment. I've found that antacids used to treat esophageal reflux within cancer treatment did not relieve acidity and reflux symptoms, but also led to survive better when patients with head and neck tumors. Researchers have said that it is not clear to them yet cause the effect of antacids on the development of cancer, and it will continue to search for a mechanism that, but most of it will attempt to find out whether the use of antacids when people who suffer from reflux disease esophageal or who are threatened with injury cancer will reduce the risk of head and neck cancer. These results are limited to patients with head and neck cancer only.

Black tea treats osteoporosis Abobakercare


Japanese study considered that black tea may help in the treatment of osteoporosis, which affects the elderly, but they pointed to the need to drink very large amounts of it to achieve this. The researchers explained led Kiazo Nishikawa of Awsakan University that black tea contains antioxidant to prevent the decline of bone density, which gets with age, exposing the elderly more fractures, also found that the material «Tiaflavin -3 (T F-3) which is an anti-oxidant crashes enzyme eliminates the bone tissue. The research, published on the website of the journal «Nature Medicine» US reach that mice suffering from osteoporosis given material «T F -3» registered the improvement in the level of bone density, which became the standard sound mice. But the study indicated that an adult weighing 60 kg needs to be 60 to drink a cup of tea over 3 days to register a noticeable difference. The scientists explained that this drink contains the anti-oxidant to prevent the decline of bone density, which gets with age, putting the elderly more fractures. Osteoporosis affects women's disease, especially at an advanced age, a growing problem in the communities in which advancing age quickly, such as Japan.

Sitting for long periods of risk

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German researchers to find research on sitting for long periods on the body results. The results sparked panic among researchers, especially over the obvious negative effects on blood sugar levels. Of the German Institute for Rehabilitation Sports University in Cologne team of researchers conducted a research on sitting for long periods on human health damage. The researchers studied blood sugar in the body, because it represents an important proof of the extent of the body benefit from the lessons of eating and drinking energy. The scientists take the fat and the proportions of water in the body of the people who conducted experiments on them. It was subsequently put people in places to sit down and asked them to read books or use the Internet, were not allowed to stand for a period of five consecutive hours. In the meantime heartbeat were measured at regular intervals. And then asked people to eat and then sit down to complete their work. Results of the study were clear and confirmed fears of researchers, since the blood sugar rose in people who conducted experiments on them by up to a high level of diabetes, a day after completely devoid of activity or movement. In the case of cutting exercise plan sitting or walking period at least the level of sugar in the blood to one-third. About it, Dr. Ingo Frobozh of the German Institute for sports rehabilitation at the University of Cologne say that panic after seeing the results, because if you left without movement, it means that the percentage of sugar in the blood rises to very high rates, because the body remains tense and the food was digested well. German Institute experts advised to exercise a minimum level of activity, Ksaud the stairs instead of the elevator and walking, to avoid sugar and obesity.

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Weight gain with pregnancy


General guidelines for weight gain with pregnancy: - Pregnant women than normal weight before pregnancy rate These are general lines for the increase in rates of weight during pregnancy if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant until you have knowledge available through this experience. - If a woman is generally moderate weight (do not suffer from obesity or thinness) before pregnancy (GBP approximately 453 grams): - The increase will be from 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. - If a woman suffering from obesity (overweight) before pregnancy: The increase its rate of 15-25 pounds during pregnancy. - If a woman suffers from thin (less than normal in weight): The increase its rate of 28-40 pounds during pregnancy (this depends on your weight before pregnancy). - If the woman was pregnant in a twin or three or more: a pregnant woman to consult a specialist doctor follow-up condition because the increase in weight would be more than the previous rates, depending on the number of twins. - The increase in allowable weight have many benefits in terms of easy women refer to the weight that it was before pregnancy easily, as the body is breastfeeding, and maintains the health of the child. - And follow up with a specialist doctor to help you maintain a permanent weight without excessive, but if you suffer from an increase in weight does not proffer the working system of the diet. Are you pregnant? Eat has become a large amount of fries, pregnancy is not required and feeding him is overeating without the expense, it is a common mistake. To be wary and calculate weight gain during pregnancy, Whether the increase in weight or decrease it may harm your health and the baby ... and the ideal number of kilos you during pregnancy depends on the weight that I was before pregnancy. Maintaining an ideal weight during pregnancy the need for the health of the child, if there is a decrease in the increase in weight, there is exposure to a small child in the weight risk (less than 1/25-pound), while the increase in weight leads to premature birth or a large baby or other health problems in size the future, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or varicose veins. - If you start pregnancy moderate weight: The weight should be between 25-35 pounds over the nine months, by adding an extra 300 calories a day to your diet will help you reach this goal (Examples of foods that provide you with this calorie fruits such as figs 4 or skimmed milk fat). The majority of women increase in weight have to be during the first three months of 4-6 pounds, and then be amended in the second and third phase at a rate of one pound per week. - If you start pregnancy and anti skinny: Should increase in weight will be more than that required when you are a moderate weight, because the decrease in weight increases the probability of the birth of a small child in a little weight. The increase recommended 28-40 pounds and are gradually more than a pound a week in the second and third phase in pregnancy. - If you start pregnancy increase in weight (obesity): Should only increase between 15-25 pounds to be, and this means an increase in weight one pound every two weeks in the second and third phase. Do not try to never lost weight during pregnancy or diet work because it might harm the fetus. - In the case of Twins: If you are expecting the arrival of twins or more increase is between 35-45 pounds, and translates into increased weekly 1/21 pounds in the last two phases. - Where it comes from the increase in weight: Below illustrates where it comes from the increase in weight (in the case if the increase was 29 lbs.): - Blood = 3 lbs. - Breasts = 2 lbs. - Uterus = 2 lbs. - Fetus = 7.5 lbs. - Placenta = 1.5 lbs. - Amniotic fluid = 2 lbs. - Fats, proteins, and other nutrients = 7 lbs.

Herbal Slimming and Weight Loss

Despite the widespread objection to using the word herb slimming herbs group that helps get rid of excess weight, the indisputable fact that most of them allocated to reduce the weight you use these plants and herbs, mainly in the food their diets. And can be divided into plants and herbs that helps to reduce the weight into several sections: - Herbs work on the stomach is full and give a sense of fullness, the most important Almmermjaza and Alkndr. - Plants proven its effectiveness and its ability to reduce the weight when ingested, such as cucumbers, apples, and tea. - Herbs to help diuresis resulting from the combustion of fatty substances stored in the body, such as celery and parsley .. Perhaps the most important of these herbs. Celery: It is useful greener slimming and weight loss thanks to celery juice, which retains its own properties and Pfitaminach diuretics used in the United States on a large scale in the food systems that follow to combat obesity, and celery salt seasoning well used instead of plain salt. In modern medicine emerged from celery analysis it contains vitamins (A, B, C) and metals and semi-metals iron, iodine, copper, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, elements of calming them .. and fit celery each persons with good health and eaten raw, Va, and soft or comment dental, and prevents all those with weak intestines and infected indigestion. As recommended capturing the obese, obesity, diabetes, arthritis and rheumatism, kidney, and using nourishing and restorative years Mmermma to the body's cells and moisturizer and generating of Paul and cleansed of the urinary tract, blood and counter to indigestion, obesity, and how to use it internally to be eating it raw with salads or cooking with soup or squeezed his veins and drink of juice half Goblet a day for between 15 to 20 days, or used as a drink boiled 30 grams of celery in half a liter of water. It can celery ribs and roots leaves drying a cut in the oven for use in the winter in making celery soup (soup celery) for the treatment of obesity, and must be elected from small and soft celery, preferably in eating the heart to the parties, especially if severe. Celery famous in France Conteh region in France that increases sexual power and maintains agility (Adam and Eve) until it was told aphorism is "if the man did celery known for his garden filled with". Ibn al-Bitar was prolonged to talk about the therapeutic benefits of celery, and what he said: The celery juice treated fever, the paper addresses the stomach, liver, dissolve gallstones, and if eaten with bread earned him the milder in taste, it also benefit in the treatment of measles. Senna: Standing in the ranks of herbs that promote digestion and is working to reduce emissions from the intestine and helps to get rid of excess weight and is used as a beverage, after soaking the leaves and fruits in water for ten hours at least, as soaked used at a rate of cup 3 times a day to get rid of excess weight, and as a remedy gout and sciatica .. It uses soaked mixed with vinegar coating of the skin to treat scabies and freckles and sores, also used paint to head for the treatment of hair loss, and said of him David Antioch in ticket: It's the trees Senna and Ojodh located in Makkah and its surroundings .. and used as a laxative at a rate of one gram with the amount equal of star anise or fennel or cumin, and doubled the quantity if you want to do facilitator, and can be prepared drink senna such as tea perfectly sweetened with honey or white without sweetening. Lemon Expansion, plants and food Medicine scientists said lemon characteristics and benefits, and a summary of what they said, "The Lemon composite of three different parts of the benefits and powers, the chaff .. acid and sowing. It benefits that tonic for the stomach, and tonic for the heart, and the finest lemon "Abannzhir" types, which is hard to digest food, little nutritional benefit. It prescriptions which it enters Lemon: Recipe to fight obesity: - Soak a few of latency in boiling water with lemon, cut rings and leaves throughout the night and drink water in the morning on an empty stomach. Recipe to fight puff stomach and intestines: Taken from 5 to 10 points from the spirit of the lemon, and mix with a little honey and taken doses. To reduce the weight can drink lemon juice in several pictures, including: - A lemon squeezed on point by point pint milk, and stir with a spoon and drink in the morning before breakfast. - Soak peel to Amontin or three in half a liter of water, and add to it a few drops of fresh lemon juice, and drink in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast .. Lemon and described all people and in all ages, without exception, provided that softens water because the net lemon juice hurts sometimes, because of what it contains citric acid makes it irritating to the membranes of the digestive tract, and may cause burns in the stomach, and damage to tooth enamel. - Eating lemon with lukewarm water in the morning when many benefits .. including the expulsion of toxins from the stomach, liver, and protect the body's cells and promote the defense of the devices. And must be chosen lemon with yellow color glossy, because green lemon or pale yellow, which did not yet mature to be high acidity and vitamin C a few do, and must choose a lemon with a crust thin and soft that contains juice most prolific lemon juice thick chaff. - On the other benefits of lemon juice because it addresses poisoning, and destroy bacteria and activates white blood cells and calms the nerves and strengthens and treats epilepsy, diarrhea, rheumatism, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel rot prostate. Halva Barr: Known plant, many of existence, grows on the banks of canals and water, if you drink water and honey deworming and open the chest, and his ashes Edml surgeon .. This is what he said about David Antioch in his ticket. The scientists herbs and nutrition experts proved the effectiveness of the use of plant "halva righteousness" to help get rid of excess weight through diuresis resulting from the combustion of fatty substances in the body is stored property. It also proved to contain "halva righteousness" to "Alafapiroll" materials and "Sacoptrinih" and volatile oils, and makes it at the moment some of the specialized drugs in the treatment of colic and kidney disease. And can be used to drink and leaves and flowers "halva righteousness" at the rate of a cup, three times a day to help reduce the weight, as well as for the treatment of colic and diuresis, and the fragmentation of kidney stones, and cleanse the urinary tract, and treatment of high blood pressure, arthritis, and to reduce the heat in cases of fever. And can also be used to treat cough, asthma, diabetes and angina .. As local papers syrup with honey is used twice a day to reduce the weight and expel intestinal worms. Dandelion Names of plants vary according to Arab countries and countries with which it was planted, Vnbat dandelion called in Egypt, the name "dandelion gardener, and Hendabia, wild Alshres", and in the Maghreb call him wild Altlvav name. Therapeutic benefits: The therapeutic benefits of proven confirm that this plant protective of the stomach, liver injuries and disorders, it also diuretic and purifies the urinary tract, and to loose Ahtbasha, it is a good cleanser for the body of waste and toxins, and also works dandelion stimulate the functions of the liver and gall bladder and kidney. The user part of the plant in and help in the work of diet therapy is all plant parts. And proved that eating dandelion and used as a drug era of medical leaves and flowers and veins without sweetening the juice though honey is very useful in purifying the liver and purify the blood of all the sediment and impurities and soothe hemorrhoids. The most important feature made us talk about the dandelion plant is the ability of the plant to reduce the proportion of grease and fat accumulations and Alteixdat unwanted body and blood and urinary tract and respiratory tract. The plant is used to help lose weight and reduce the proportion of body lipids, especially cholesterol in the blood vessels.

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Similar cases of colon nervous

Organic cases similar to the case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome There are many cases of membership similar to the case of irritable bowel syndrome in terms of symptoms and the doctor skilled exclude such diseases as the basis is important in the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome and these cases as follows: When you increase the growth of bacteria in the digestive tract. The case of recurrent colic resulting from blockage of the gallbladder and bile pathways. Colon cancer, especially in the elderly. Chronic inflammation of the pancreas. Gastric duodenal ulcer. Balomaba injury or Gardi


For the case of irritable bowel successful treatment There is no cure for the definitive and final case of irritable bowel syndrome; it is a disease such as allergies, which may be when a person while not when someone else despite Tsawehma maybe even in the types of foods that are processed and Anolunha case of irritable bowel following: If the drugs are basically in the treatment of any disease in the case of irritable bowel instructions and tips are to be the basis and these guidelines: Stay away from anxiety and depression as far as possible. Stay away from alcohol and thankfully, the Muslims committed to this matter in compliance with the laws of God Almighty, but said the door is not mentioned. Stay away from coffee drinking has been found in many cases they help the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Sports in March on a regular basis. Stop smoking immediately. Rethink in choosing varieties your diet, try to stay away from foods that you see it raised the case of irritable bowel syndrome have, where he can not doctor determined you are different from one person to another and from one cuisine that may raise the case of irritable bowel syndrome in people who suffer from the presence of this case are the beans; lentils; power; non-cooked vegetables; falafel; chilli hot. Although the addition of some vegetables as cucumber, radish and watercress may raise the case of irritable bowel syndrome in some people but it is when some of them may be a treat and dilute the case of irritable bowel syndrome and who decides this is the same person with the help of a doctor. I drink large quantities of water, especially in the case of constipation. Second, drugs Your doctor may distract those who suffer from irritable bowel certain types of medications that help regulate the movement of the muscles of the digestive system and some help to alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowel case.

Night blindness

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This disease causes damage to the retina at the young age of five to the age of thirty. It is more in males than in females, and has a hereditary nature, begins in the retina parties heading gradually towards the center and the first to complain about the patient is considered weak in the evening and in the dim light, and notes the parents to young people living with this disease difficulty in movement and walking in the dark places, and in the Note ma things At the exacerbation of the disease, the patient begins to feel that the lateral view taken shrink to the point that Atakbl like look at things through a tube or cylinder minutes. This situation continues to evolve to profoundly affect the unity of matter and strength, but does not lead to total blindness, and this disease is sometimes accompanied by a white water in the lens, and the cause of this disease is unknown exactly congenital and has no cure yet. If injured by a family member, it should be checked others, to make sure they are free of it...