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Herbal medicine - herbal remedy

نتيجة بحث الصور عن العلاج بالاعشاب

Herbal Medicine: - More branches of alternative medicine is widely used herbal medicine or medicine grass, Vtaatadd herbs and their uses and purposes of the types of herbs are found belong to: - Medical illness. - Child Health. - Men's health. - Women's health. - Age. - In addition to the various herbal sources. Resort specialists in herbal medicine to use every part of the plant: leaves - Legs - Venus - the roots to treat diseases or mitigate or even avoid infection, and all herbal remedies are subject to experience and laboratory research treatments. - Some of which is used in pharmaceutical formulations and drugs that are sold in pharmacies, including: - Anti-Cancer Drug - Pacemaker - Expanded people airway. All these drugs were discovered in the original experiments on research. There on the surface of the earth more than 750,000 plants and only a few have been conducting research it and study it and always focus on the study of active ingredients in the plant rather than the study of medicinal properties of each plant. We find that natural medicine is not like a drug manufacturer, it takes a longer time to come Pfaalatha. * Various herbal preparations: There are herbs in various pictures mismatch in raw or dried or image that exist in the form of capsules or tablets or in liquid form, can be sold individually or in the form of vehicles (more than herbal type). The quality of any type of herbal preparations on raw grass, which made him the quality of these different preparations. And grow herbs in two forms: that grow Pferdha or cultivated by humans, and may be the first type best where herbs are far here for human intervention and exposure to chemicals .. While that type grown by human if given his interest in using organic manure away from the use of pesticides it would be a healthy lawn. * The images herbal preparations are as follows: - Herbs in the raw image. - Pigments. - Extracts. - Capsules. - Disks. - Candy containing medical material. - Ointments. * Pigments: Is herbal preparations containing alcohol, where alcohol plays a function of the properties of the active extract of the herb and its focus. It also works on keeping herbs and tinctures as easy to be absorbed by the body Fathderha is an effective way to vehicles herbs and preparations. Shows the taste of grass strongly in this type may be its taste is delicious (over or pungent taste), and there is an important factor if the use of herbs for children, where there is the alcohol, it is in order to alleviate the proportion of alcohol is added to the dose that the child will take them 1/4 cup of very hot water After five minutes later you'll find the volatility of alcohol to cool down and the child can eat. * Extracts (herbal extracts): For summaries of the grass be done by alcohol or water if it is sold in liquid form, and these conclusions are in a condensed form. * Alcapsolat disks: Alcapsolat or disks containing the raw grass powder and must make sure that it was mobilizing Alcapsolat just 24 hours after no more than a crush raw grass and this Alcapsolat less in the efficacy of herbal extracts and tinctures. * Herbal tea: There are many types of herbal teas, and use it filled in the form of a small small bags soaked in boiling water. * Candy containing medical material: It is sweetened with natural herbs in a manner used for medical purposes such as colds vehicles, and cough sedatives, decongestants, and in addition to vitamin C, while avoiding refined selection of herbs sweetened with sugar. * Ointments and paints: There are ointment, which is extracted from the plant Marigold fit for wounds, while the generation patience is used for small burns, including sunburn, and there are ones who heals muscle pain. When using herbal remedies must follow the instructions included with each lotion and herbal recommendations as is the case in traditional medical drugs. If the taste of grass forces are diluted with some juice or water, either in the case of the capsules can be taken with a spoonful of apple sauce or Bamaptha in sweet fruit juice. For older children can desalination herbal tea with honey and if the child is under 18 months is not allowed honey not appear until the allergy symptoms and celibacy (a type of food poisoning). The baby can be mixed with breast milk and give his train grass or syringe in his mouth, and a mother who is breastfeeding can take the adult dose and transmitted to small in breast milk and spoke the same direct effect of her if she wants to give it the treatment of Ashab. Must be a person uses his self herbs when used as a treatment for different responses people have to noon if rash, stomach pain, headache .. you have to stop immediately. Side effects of herbs do not show if he adheres to the person dose prescribed to him, come-related disorders herbal always of large doses or the use of grass for a long period of Vmthala time on it if the use of chamomile for a long time cause allergic to grass Alrgid (Rag weed), and cause liquorice high blood pressure, so whatever the grass is used with chronic diseases that require treatment for long periods of time, it is not advisable to continue on the same grass, but use it for a limited period or alternation with other herbs, * Various herbal preparations. * Medicinal herbs most commonly used and their benefits: Grass medical use user segment in the grass image grass medical side effects observations Alfalfa contains natural fluoride, which prevents tooth decay dye leaves - tea - Capsules Patience is used topically: dilute the pain - burns - the nipple inflamed - scratcher for smallpox. For internal use: stomach infections - constipation pith from inside the liquid securities placed topically on the affected area or taken internally excellent for the secretion of breast milk Burdock purified blood - Assistant in the treatment of acne roots dye - Tea -kpsolat - the roots of freshly cooked dry mouth - mydriasis is used with other herbs, warns to use in case of temperature or the presence of acute signs of infection Marigold is useful for cutting, burns and pimples - increases the speed of wound tissue Venus Lotion - -sbgh painted cream topically on the affected areas prevents the use of more than two consecutive weeks: rotation of two weeks of use and two weeks of downtime Carob helps to alleviate or prevent diarrhea Qurna -albzor carob powder is mixed with water and drink it is Chamomile to dilute stomach pain - Assistant to teething - helps to relax and motivation to sleep Venus dye - Tea - Capsules - Bathroom sensitivity for people who suffer from allergies Dill diluted to the pain of colic and gas tea leaves - in the soup - with vegetables, do not give it to the person who has an allergy to grass "Alrgid" Assistant fennel in colic and stomach pain seed tea - the big ones doses capsules cause irritation to the skin - nausea - vomiting is desirable to use for a long period of time from five days to a week at a time and then stop, and so a week Fenugreek expectorant - Assistant sore throat and chest seed tea -kpsolat not be used during pregnancy Flax soothing to the digestive system - treats constipation tea seeds - Capsules - Oil excitability - rapid breathing causes the odor of the body is familiar and but for a temporary period and disappear Garlic antibiotic - Anti-rot cloves fresh - Capsules -saúl bulge - stomach disorders - skin infections lobes safe when cooked but Aleroaq toxic, and when addressed by Walter mother breastfeeds her child is useful if you suffer from constipation Ginger aids in digestion - relieves congestion - stimulates the secretion of sweat - relieves muscle pain - Relieves fever roots dye - tea - or bath oil for muscle pain diarrhea - nausea used fresh, or capsules without smell more palatable for children Liquorice beneficial for the respiratory system -esid energy roots dye - Tea - capsules of high blood pressure if it is to use for a long period of time is used with caution during pregnancy, do not take more than a week to ten days Papaya helps in digestion - relieves indigestion and gas fruit - fruit, fresh leaves - the leaves are eaten in the tea heartburn seeds used in Asia to eliminate parasites Parsley diuretic - helps in the treatment of bladder infection tea leaves - Swivel capsules - headache - the hottest - nausea - vomiting - Hersh used carefully with pregnancy, excess quantities of it stops the secretion of milk for the mother who is breastfeeding Peppermint helps in digestion - relieve the symptoms of nausea - relieves heartburn and gas and diarrhea dye leaves - tea - overdose capsules lead to stomach irritation and cooler body Rosemary increases the activity of the circulatory system - treats colds, headaches and sore throat - an anti-spastic tea leaves - or added to soup nausea - diarrhea can be used tea Kdhan topical strengthen the scalp and help hair growth Thyme relieves lung congestion - diarrhea - addresses the lack of appetite - and bloating and colic tea leaves - or added to soup large quantities of it caused him to diarrhea is used as a mouthwash * Warnings: 1. any prescription drugs, including herbs may lead to the emergence of allergies in some people. Allergy symptoms may appear after the first time of taking herbs or a few times and sensitivity that show symptoms: itching, swelling, rash, or difficulty in breathing. 2. It is also important to read the instructions for the correct dose to avoid poisoning them.

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