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Did you know the risks of processed meat ??

The taste was attracts you pay attention not taste unit is to look for in light of the spread of many diseases we did not hear about it before, but rarely Most studies and recent research warns of eating processed meat because of the impact is very harmful for coupling the name of cancer due to the content not only on preservatives that are added frequently on them, but also flavorings, smell and you earn this distinctive taste and smell, not to mention the remnants of meat that made them have proven... Research and studies that processed meat lead to injury a lot of different types of cancer. A team of Swedish scientists recently revealed that eating processed meat, even in small quantities increases the chances of developing pancreatic cancer, one of the most common types of cancer deadlier and nicknamed the "silent killer", and that most of the symptoms of the disease to the fact that not only appear in the later stages of infection Swedish scientists found that even eat about 50 grams of processed meat, which is equivalent to a slice of the phalanx raises the incidence of pancreatic cancer killer. That this meat is a food maligned high-calorie and high rates of saturated fat, cholesterol-rich rates, and also multi-which are added to them to act as microbes on dried or saved salts. And that the risk comes from processed meat such additions, including materials such as monobasic sodium phosphate salts or Gelotyumit or nitrite, Article I used to give flavor to the meat, but it proved that there is a satisfactory symptoms appeared on the consumer, such as neurological disorders. The nitrite salts are used for more than the purpose of the first to give the meat pink bubblegum, which characterizes many of the processed meat, and though there are those who believe that the seriousness of the use of nitrite in keeping processed meat lies in exceeded the allowed period internationally, and sets international laws strictly this strict quantities of safe, including borders, the problem is that most of the factories do not adhere to prescribed proportions globally. And other dangerous for processed meat comes from the addition of antioxidants, which is used to store fatty substances from rancidity, but added that the rates are beyond the permitted internationally and safe alternative is to add natural materials instead. For processed meat, it is the addition of some materials such as preservatives and industrial colors Ki earn the usual form of natural meat, and often added to certain ingredients such as soybean or some other add-ons, making them some of the colors you need in order to earn the natural flesh color and these materials may have an impact harmful to health, especially if repeated use over long periods of longevity, and this is what happens with some of the people who rely on processed foods in their meals, especially during their daily work. And carcinogens are in artificial colors or some spices expired, and which may contain some mycotoxins such as aflatoxins, this material can lead to colon cancer or colon, irritable bowel infections, and are these foods in most of the artifacts, which are added artificial colors, fats, and some spice either expired or contain a high proportion of spicy materials. As for the impact of the meat on the brain: All processed meats contain high fatty substances, which contain very high levels of cholesterol, and the flavor and preservatives, these substances cause destruction of some brain cells, such as vascular brain cells, which affects the child's memory and performance, mental, and the disaster that these foods is fresh, and thus does not contain the required percentages of necessary for the growth and regeneration of building cell protein, and therefore is not recommended at all to eat such foods at all ages and the risk to children in the early stages of their development more. The idea is that these materials lead to the occurrence of excessive obesity and increase the rate of cholesterol in the blood due to the content of very high fatty substances such as luncheon meat, which contains in its composition to unknown substances, chicken Nagats and Chicks crunchy and hamburgers and glomerulus, while Albestrmp they are less risky and shows a lack of quality of during the bait. As for the symptoms of children: The big problem that it does not occur symptoms or clear or concrete can be traced clinically to diagnose the situation, but the damage occurs gradually and without notice one of those around the child and the accumulation of this damage, of course, lead to disastrous results for the health of mind of children have an impact on memory and forgetting and underachievement, and the adult also represents the processed meat dangerous to their health, but the children being greater. Sees That before talking about the processed meat must know that particular patient colon cancer or any type of cancers have a genetic predisposition to the disease. There are incentives increase the chances of the disease, there are some foods reduce the incidence of such fiber and vegetables that contain fiber as vegetables paperwork such as lettuce, watercress and some other foods increase the occurrence such as processed meats because they contain a high portfolio proportions materials ratios, and manufactured meat is safe or healthy. The sources are not safe and contain preservatives, such as Alfrumendahit at high rates and some of the materials used in the installation of meat is a material that contains levels of toxins, such as preservatives and contain some fungi toxic result of poor storage, such as luncheon meat, which affects a large proportion of cancer and represents dangerous to the liver, which is responsible for the User body's metabolism and, in general, eating fresh foods of any kind, either meat or fruit or vegetables are given full health interest, containing vitamins and minerals are lost in large quantities when re-manufactured or saved. We advise parents to be role models in the dietary habits and eating fresh foods and avoiding processed meats including it represents a risk to the health of their children. For meat, which makes them luncheon meat types, we have many different names, one of the worst food types that cause cancer and weaken the digestive system when our children and be one of the biggest causes of diseases of the colon and Allergy and Immunology, which is the main cause of any disease, because it is made up of the worst Meat used in making luncheon. This meat when manufactured are not clean and contain amounts of bacteria attacking the human body, and be the first seed of the disease, so that these meats are given a taste palatable is added flavor and spices and sodium "salt", but when we look at the nutritional value of the products they are almost non-existent, but be the destruction of the human person and has no nutritional value of any source, but the burgers and put a completely different, but preferably the mother commissioned itself, where we have to look at the nutritional value, not only to taste. Advises divine miracles. In medicine and (herbal) treatment, every mother that made burgers at home using half a kilo minced meat and half a kilo soybean and add the parsley, coriander, and can work for Burger Plant using soybeans only, but when you buy a burger ready not educate it, because we do not believe minced meat, which is sold ready, so must the parent making burgers on their own, and this is quite different from any Burger ready for it when you buy it does not know Ms. what is inside the burgers or luncheon even increase the immunity of their children healthy and awareness needs to be explained to them what was in each Qtma inside this food, but the family are looking for easy, but always easy Hulk safe and difficult, but we prefer the safe difficult. There are many American research and statistics indicate that these foods contain harmful bacteria which destroys the beneficial bacteria to the human body, which is to be one of the first causes of cancer. That nutrition is one of the very important things in the prevention of cancer and also an important part in the treatment of people living with this disease, it is important for patients with tumors not a lot of all kinds of sugars and reducing carbohydrates to maximize and minimize the use of red meat to become once a week and eat more seafood and protein plant There are numerous studies confirm that the use of soybean lead to the prevention of breast tumors and tumors in general also advised to use olive oil, flax "hot oil" and stay away from hydrogenated oils and do not use oils used for frying and not used more than once, as advised to remove the black part or burned all of grilled foods and advised to use fruits and vegetables of all kinds, including content of vitamins, especially antioxidants. Preferably eating a spoonful of apostasy day, where scientifically proven effectiveness in the prevention of colon cancer, especially in patients or people who have a history of patients in the family and is considered fast food ticking bombs and dangerous and increase the incidence of colon cancer as it contains saturated fats help to excite membranes inhibitory to the wall of the colon and rectum, preferably when you need to use fat manufactured to contain soybean and stay away from meat and poultry manufacturers that contain fat, which also contain preservatives and Flavour increase the incidence of stomach, colon and rectal cancer is the preservative of the main causes of stomach cancer, and is one of the cancers that need to be treated in a great effort .. The obesity of the main reasons for the occurrence of breast cancer and the lining of the uterus in women, as well as in the waist area, due to increased formation of estrogen in clumps accumulated fat in this region, so it is recommended workout every day, even walking hard for half an hour a day, and is considered obesity causes also lead to cancer of the colon and rectum.

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