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Herbal Slimming and Weight Loss

Despite the widespread objection to using the word herb slimming herbs group that helps get rid of excess weight, the indisputable fact that most of them allocated to reduce the weight you use these plants and herbs, mainly in the food their diets. And can be divided into plants and herbs that helps to reduce the weight into several sections: - Herbs work on the stomach is full and give a sense of fullness, the most important Almmermjaza and Alkndr. - Plants proven its effectiveness and its ability to reduce the weight when ingested, such as cucumbers, apples, and tea. - Herbs to help diuresis resulting from the combustion of fatty substances stored in the body, such as celery and parsley .. Perhaps the most important of these herbs. Celery: It is useful greener slimming and weight loss thanks to celery juice, which retains its own properties and Pfitaminach diuretics used in the United States on a large scale in the food systems that follow to combat obesity, and celery salt seasoning well used instead of plain salt. In modern medicine emerged from celery analysis it contains vitamins (A, B, C) and metals and semi-metals iron, iodine, copper, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, elements of calming them .. and fit celery each persons with good health and eaten raw, Va, and soft or comment dental, and prevents all those with weak intestines and infected indigestion. As recommended capturing the obese, obesity, diabetes, arthritis and rheumatism, kidney, and using nourishing and restorative years Mmermma to the body's cells and moisturizer and generating of Paul and cleansed of the urinary tract, blood and counter to indigestion, obesity, and how to use it internally to be eating it raw with salads or cooking with soup or squeezed his veins and drink of juice half Goblet a day for between 15 to 20 days, or used as a drink boiled 30 grams of celery in half a liter of water. It can celery ribs and roots leaves drying a cut in the oven for use in the winter in making celery soup (soup celery) for the treatment of obesity, and must be elected from small and soft celery, preferably in eating the heart to the parties, especially if severe. Celery famous in France Conteh region in France that increases sexual power and maintains agility (Adam and Eve) until it was told aphorism is "if the man did celery known for his garden filled with". Ibn al-Bitar was prolonged to talk about the therapeutic benefits of celery, and what he said: The celery juice treated fever, the paper addresses the stomach, liver, dissolve gallstones, and if eaten with bread earned him the milder in taste, it also benefit in the treatment of measles. Senna: Standing in the ranks of herbs that promote digestion and is working to reduce emissions from the intestine and helps to get rid of excess weight and is used as a beverage, after soaking the leaves and fruits in water for ten hours at least, as soaked used at a rate of cup 3 times a day to get rid of excess weight, and as a remedy gout and sciatica .. It uses soaked mixed with vinegar coating of the skin to treat scabies and freckles and sores, also used paint to head for the treatment of hair loss, and said of him David Antioch in ticket: It's the trees Senna and Ojodh located in Makkah and its surroundings .. and used as a laxative at a rate of one gram with the amount equal of star anise or fennel or cumin, and doubled the quantity if you want to do facilitator, and can be prepared drink senna such as tea perfectly sweetened with honey or white without sweetening. Lemon Expansion, plants and food Medicine scientists said lemon characteristics and benefits, and a summary of what they said, "The Lemon composite of three different parts of the benefits and powers, the chaff .. acid and sowing. It benefits that tonic for the stomach, and tonic for the heart, and the finest lemon "Abannzhir" types, which is hard to digest food, little nutritional benefit. It prescriptions which it enters Lemon: Recipe to fight obesity: - Soak a few of latency in boiling water with lemon, cut rings and leaves throughout the night and drink water in the morning on an empty stomach. Recipe to fight puff stomach and intestines: Taken from 5 to 10 points from the spirit of the lemon, and mix with a little honey and taken doses. To reduce the weight can drink lemon juice in several pictures, including: - A lemon squeezed on point by point pint milk, and stir with a spoon and drink in the morning before breakfast. - Soak peel to Amontin or three in half a liter of water, and add to it a few drops of fresh lemon juice, and drink in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast .. Lemon and described all people and in all ages, without exception, provided that softens water because the net lemon juice hurts sometimes, because of what it contains citric acid makes it irritating to the membranes of the digestive tract, and may cause burns in the stomach, and damage to tooth enamel. - Eating lemon with lukewarm water in the morning when many benefits .. including the expulsion of toxins from the stomach, liver, and protect the body's cells and promote the defense of the devices. And must be chosen lemon with yellow color glossy, because green lemon or pale yellow, which did not yet mature to be high acidity and vitamin C a few do, and must choose a lemon with a crust thin and soft that contains juice most prolific lemon juice thick chaff. - On the other benefits of lemon juice because it addresses poisoning, and destroy bacteria and activates white blood cells and calms the nerves and strengthens and treats epilepsy, diarrhea, rheumatism, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel rot prostate. Halva Barr: Known plant, many of existence, grows on the banks of canals and water, if you drink water and honey deworming and open the chest, and his ashes Edml surgeon .. This is what he said about David Antioch in his ticket. The scientists herbs and nutrition experts proved the effectiveness of the use of plant "halva righteousness" to help get rid of excess weight through diuresis resulting from the combustion of fatty substances in the body is stored property. It also proved to contain "halva righteousness" to "Alafapiroll" materials and "Sacoptrinih" and volatile oils, and makes it at the moment some of the specialized drugs in the treatment of colic and kidney disease. And can be used to drink and leaves and flowers "halva righteousness" at the rate of a cup, three times a day to help reduce the weight, as well as for the treatment of colic and diuresis, and the fragmentation of kidney stones, and cleanse the urinary tract, and treatment of high blood pressure, arthritis, and to reduce the heat in cases of fever. And can also be used to treat cough, asthma, diabetes and angina .. As local papers syrup with honey is used twice a day to reduce the weight and expel intestinal worms. Dandelion Names of plants vary according to Arab countries and countries with which it was planted, Vnbat dandelion called in Egypt, the name "dandelion gardener, and Hendabia, wild Alshres", and in the Maghreb call him wild Altlvav name. Therapeutic benefits: The therapeutic benefits of proven confirm that this plant protective of the stomach, liver injuries and disorders, it also diuretic and purifies the urinary tract, and to loose Ahtbasha, it is a good cleanser for the body of waste and toxins, and also works dandelion stimulate the functions of the liver and gall bladder and kidney. The user part of the plant in and help in the work of diet therapy is all plant parts. And proved that eating dandelion and used as a drug era of medical leaves and flowers and veins without sweetening the juice though honey is very useful in purifying the liver and purify the blood of all the sediment and impurities and soothe hemorrhoids. The most important feature made us talk about the dandelion plant is the ability of the plant to reduce the proportion of grease and fat accumulations and Alteixdat unwanted body and blood and urinary tract and respiratory tract. The plant is used to help lose weight and reduce the proportion of body lipids, especially cholesterol in the blood vessels.

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