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Psychological bad habits of the child

نتيجة بحث الصور عن العادات النفسية السيئة للطفل

- Sucking fingers - Nail-biting - Child and theft - New baby and pregnancy - Sucking fingers. - Nail-biting: These usually appear when the child from the age of one to two years and continue with him in old age, which is a reflection of the psychiatric disorder has of tension and anxiety as a result of pressures at home or at school. - The reasons for this situation: 1. frequent prevent child at school or home for loved things like playing. 2. frequent school burden required of it and the urgency to do them in the form of punishment hint if it is not completed. This pressure and translated in the form of tension and anxiety that appears reaction visible myself not to a nail-biting, which reflect aggressive tendencies and fear of parents or teachers ... and be a nail-biting as a way out of his sense of guilt or sin that felt by officials with him if Palace in the performance of something asked him, and then after that it becomes a bad habit in old age for more, no less, where exercised automatically. - Treatment of nail-biting: 1. not to draw the attention of the child. 2. filled fingers child and his attention other useful things, such as playing a musical instrument or painting. 3. give the child more love and compassion and care. - Child and theft: Child some mental habits accepted may behave somewhat socially and others are totally unacceptable, such as theft because the behavior (anomaly), and its direction for this behavior reflects the development of social and physical family style education, and multiple motivations behind it: 1-There is a need to steal a child his family. 2. Last ... steals for his lack of compassion and care. 3-and third ... mistreated his parents. -4 and the fourth ... to disperse the parents in treatment between children. 5. The fifth ... as a result of family disintegration. 6-sixth ... and ill-treatment of the father to his mother. 7-seventh ... and deprivation suffered by the failure to meet its requirements. 8. The latter is beyond the scope of education and method of treatment of the parents "Configuring the child's personality," the theft may be in this case is not due to the need for love, but because of the acquisition of things. Or the environment as a result of abnormal behavior that arises from the parents away from the commitment to the principles and ideals such as drinking alcohol and addiction to drugs or theft. - Treatment of theft: If theft has become a habit in children, it is a disease that should be treated easily summed up in the word "saturation" of physical, emotional and educational because the child should feel safe and secure and the other therapy is a medical treatment by resorting to a psychiatrist. - New baby and pregnancy (jealousy): The interval be between Alhji is the basic criterion in injury Big Brother jealous of his younger brother, and is the appropriate period of one to two years, and more than that leads to increased feelings of jealousy .. It is also easier in the education of the mother. And at least feeling jealous when they arrived to enact school together. Parents may think that a child does not feel the arrival of a new partner, but understand that the modern father and mother and his vision for increasing the size of the mother's abdomen, which translates the following behavior: turn away from the mother and head attachment to the father and the attendant all the time and even slept beside him, as exemplified in the child's anxiety and lack of sleep The rejection of the food. And treatment of jealousy, is to direct attention away from the independent child the other big kid ... so this natural instinctive jealousy does not turn into mental disorders.

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